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MY Garden back in 2014

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I came across this photo of June 2014 in my old(er) files.....

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Thank you for your lovely comment, Berrymac. I'm glad you enjoyed my puzzle.


A lot of love and hard work must have gone into making such a beautiful garden. Thank you for a lovely puzzle.


Why thank you for your lovely comment, Nan.....before I never knew I had it in me, but I really enjoy gardening! :)

Thanks, Anne, thank you for your visit, I'm really happy you enjoyed it :)


A fascinating visit, Impie. Thank you.


I'd recognize this a Impie's garden anywhere. Truly a labor of love - it shows!


Thank you,jeannbob64, right now several plants have died down and there have been changes after 2014, but overall the garden still looks very much the same!:)

Yeah, Faye, he butchered the rose AND a Clematis growing at the side of trellis of the pergola this year. Those are indeed the ones but ....I must've 'killed' my California Poppy all together while I was thinking I was only decreasing them somewhat!? Those red Poppies in the back probably were a present from the wind, they grew next to my Pink Oriental Poppies, of which you -if you'd enlarged the photo- still can see some standing upright! Most likely both 'guides' were on a smoke break indoors. And yes, Mr. Mousie's still standing. Goofie now would have had a hard time meeting him so often since his Big Bro (for 2 years already) doesn't smoke anymore! LOL

Aww, thank you, nillie. I try my best to keep it neat and tidy and I do it with love ...also for the sake of the wonderful memories! :))
Thanks and good night....have a great weekend♥♥

Indeed, Ella, so cute and little :-)) I've grown to love it and since we prune it in summer I'm not that obstinate anymore!☺ The birds make good use of the branches to get to the feed pole and before they hid between the leaves!
My neighbour trimmed that rose 3 to 4 times a year even while in full bloom, as soon as one petal dare fall on the floor, he obeyed his nagging other half and came out with a ladder and cutter!!! He used to try to let me do the same with my roses, because it would be better for my plants, but I always answered that they were doing fine, so I must do something right! :-))) Last week he saw me taking photos and said:"wow, your rose keeps on blooming, doesn't she?" Oh yeah, I said, but I thought to myself "eat your heart out" LOL

Thank you, lurdo, this was taken on a wonderful sunny day shortly after we had just upgraded the garden with new fences 2 months earlier. I enjoy gardening and find the results often very rewarding! ♥

I'm glad you enjoyed it, GG.....I'm amazed that in 6 years time there are still many differences too! ☺

Aww, thank you so much, megabelle. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving overhere, but I AM very thankful for all the friends I've found/made here on Jigidi, of whom you too are most certainly one !♥
I hope you and your hubby and kitty girls are doing well! Stay safe! ♥

Why thank you, Betty, the right mid section is rather empty now that the Fern and the Hostas have died down, but close up the leaves of the Irises have come up and are about 20 cm already and there still are some catnip plants still green!☺

You garden is lovely as usual, regardless of the year!


Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the favorite holiday....a day of expressing our gratitude for all our blessings and a day to share a meal with family and friends. This year we are (most of us) feasting alone, but with hearts filled with thought of our bounty of friends and loved ones. The count is endless. And the future is looking a
bit brighter with hope of vaccine that will help us back to “normal” lives. I hope we have learned some unforgettable lessons this year. I count my jigidi friends in my share of blessings! ❣️


A lovely view of your garden, Impie! Thank you!

I like this view too,now the acer has grown up ,and your garden shows us your care and love you give. Thanks Mrs. Impie for this beautiful memories


Look how little the Acer is. It sure like the spot you picked to plant it! Too bad your neighbor got rid of the climber. Trimmed up each year it would have kept it blooming and the trellis would have been a great place to put a little swing or bench beneath.


As usual green and cleaen... it's inteeresting to look back followed by good momories... Thanks Impie and good night♥♥


And your neighbour's rose hasn't been butchered...yet! LOL I see the California poppies that you mentioned the other day. And are those red poppies back where your pink ones are now? It's good to see Mr. Mousie, too...guess the guide is on a smoke break... ;DDDDD

Hope it still looks as good now as it did back then.

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