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Nap After Lunch

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88 pieces
99 solves
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  1. Drivhus5:32
  2. dartagnan6:38
  3. Msabeedy6:42
  4. dogmom57:49
  5. ANNEMAURE7:50
  6. rndixon7:58
  7. sbregg8:08
  8. 01saro8:12
  9. Zera628:18
  10. jbwink18:22


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Donnajames have their vitality!!! Those hammocks sure look comfy to me! :-)) dj


Almost clean up time, will they flip a coin to see who does?

These two are characters.


Once I see she's back, I will start sending a few


I haven’t heard from her, though I sent an email but I’m sure it’s going to take some time to get back into Jigidi if her health allows regular attendance


Birgit - done


The perfect order of business.


love the aunties!!


BTW dj mentioned that Jean is back home after 2 months in the hospital & I did see her on Jigidi recently so you can probably add her back on the list unless she’s told you otherwise.


@Magaella @Droelfzehn @bjondron
@dhi @Birgit73 @Donnajames @minipooh4u
@jandchris @IssyCoston @christineEgbert

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