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Annjax- Hi there Mamacita' Yes, I would most definitely LOVE to hang out here for a while! This has got to be the prettiest rainbow I've ever seen in my entire life! To swim in this water would be absolutely heanenly! ;)

GrandmaJoJo- You are quite welcome, I'm just happy you enjoyed this pic too! Thanks so much!

Amakrokis2- Hello Maureen, it is very beautiful isn't it, thank you so very much for commenting on it and I'm so glad that it reminded you of God's promise to us! :D

Angelbender- Hey Angel, gosh your making me blush, thank you so much for saying so!
What happened to me was that I was attacked by a strange man in a supermarket parking lot while I was putting my groceries in my car one night, a few months ago! He was heavily on drugs and thought I was someone else and started beating me with a steal bar and put me in the hospital for several days. But, he's in jail now, and I am nearly all healed up from my wounds now, both inside and out! Gosh, I sure hope you are alright Angel, what on earth kept you away from us for so very long? 11 weeks is an awfully long time to be in the hospital and or rehabilitation facility! You must tell me all about it! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, I do hope you are doing much better, and it's so good to have you back again! Big hugs and warm wishes in return, your friend, Monica.

Gorgeous, as usual, Monica. You have such an excellent eye for loveliness.

What has happened to you? Accident or illness? I have been held incommunicado in either a hospital or a rehabilitation facility for the past 11 weeks due to a sudden and unexpected illness. I am home a week and just now let myself turn on my computer.

I hope you are doing well and will back soon. Hugs and warm wishes, your friend, Angel.


Dear Monica,I've just discoveted your rainbow series.
They are all stunning.
It always reminds me of Gods promise,never to repeat flooding,
the world again.


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Monica.


What a beautiful place, Chica. I would love to be here for awhile, wouldn't you? ..................


Hello there BarbaraL, Grandmalucy, Ardy, Sandy, Mimi, Leet, Graciela and Rob,
So sorry for the group comments as I'm short on time and am starting to get sleepy! It's already 1:15 a.m. and I've been up for almost two days now without sleep! First of all I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful comments on my rainbow series, I've always loved beautiful rainbows but I guess everyone does! Ardy, I'm so looking forward to seeing those pics of the purple houses, thanks so much! I also wanted to take this time to thank all of you wonderful people who have kept me in their prayers, I really do believe that those prayers cut my healing time in half! Rob, I love how you describe pics. Thanks so much everyone for being there for me and for my hubby too! May God bless you all!...Big hugs for every one of you ;-)))))))))))


Imagine floating peacefully in this pool and having a rainbow flow over you!!!! Thanks Monica - and it's good to see you posting again!!


I am so glad you are posting these beauties! it means you are feeling better Monica!

Amazingly beautiful. Thanks for the puzzle.


All the rainbows are gorgeous, but this is my favorite. I hope all is going well with you, you are still in my prayers!


Another beauty Monica.


Monica, these are so beautiful. Love them all but came back here to comment. The waterfall is a great picture itself but with the rainbow added, it's almost unbelievable. So glad to read that you are doing so well. I continue to remember you in my prayers. I'll take some pictures of those purple houses I mentioned. Have a blessed Sunday.


ONE word, WOW ......thanks for a lovely pic...


Beautiful is right, love the set, Thank you.

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