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You had one job :-)

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Thanks so much Vips, Puitepe, Jigsaw and Janet :-))))
Construction classes should be higher prioritated if this is what the CAN'T see :-)))))


Oh dear! Maybe the workman didn't understand about water and gravity!! Thanks for a laugh Sissel. Hugs. ♥♥


You wonder if any of these guys ever went to construction school, given the goofy way they do things.


we have the same here in our little block, in the cellar/laundry room---the old one was broken, the new one fixed above it. you will have to flood the whole room 10 cm high to help the water go over this barricade....i told the landlord about it and he did not understand where the problem is...


LOL, the constructors made a lot of mistakes in my new bathroom, strangely enough not this:-)))))))))))))))))


Thanks Girlina, Lia and Alias. I hope never to see this in my bathroom. If I need my feets to be in water I will use a bucket. This will make an overflood :-))))

There was a tad problem with the drain. It was so low that all the water would leak out. But I fixed it!


I'm just shaking my head, and feel blessed it isn't my shower!!

Water's going to spill out the door before it drains!!! : ((


Foot bath Treker :-))