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Alfredo Rodriguez Original 1972

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One of the two oil paintings I inherited from my parents. Approximately 20" x 30" unframed, 2' x 3' framed. This is typical of his early work. His newer paintings are more family-friendly, but I prefer the majesty in these portraits--although neither type of painting is my style.....

This is the other one. Photos don't really show the texture of the paint or the clarity of the details.


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Thank you suemarie for the information and redirect :-))


Just so you can see one of them--a link to the second is under the puzzle. :-)))


Thanks again, Bonnie.


Yes the picture you own are much better than his newer ones, much more character.


Thanks, Francine. :-)))


Your two paintings are special, though I prefer this one. I didn't particularly care for the newer one you mentioned below.


I just added a link to the second painting--it's not as clear in our photo, so I didn't publish it as a public puzzle.


Thank you! That's just what I thought of the new ones--the themes are usually sweetly uplifting, or, I must admit, what I call saccharine......but people pay 5 figures for the new ones......and the folks on Jigidi always write very appreciative comments.
As I wrote under the puzzle, even my two are not what I would choose to hang in my home, but I do admire them.


It's quite, quite different, very 'cute'. I much prefer yours :)


Thanks, Bonnie. I'll post the other one as well--I think he had a real talent for depicting the majesty and experience and inner lives of these men. But his newer works are much more popular--probably because they are much more accessible. I keep seeing them posted on Jigidi, and, to me, they look like the work of a younger, less mature artist, even though the truth is just the opposite. Here's the latest I found posted:


You can see right into his soul through those eyes. Would be lovely to spend some time with him so he could share his wisdom. Lovely painting :))