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Here a photo and a painting of a cabinet. The painting idealizes the subject. Our minds do the same thing. Whether for better or worse, we skew reality to conform to our preconceptions. Sometimes that realignment of the truth can lead to disappointment say for example when you visit an old friend whose relationship you have romanticized. The long anticipated reunion can fall way short of expectations when the vision and the reality do not overlay. Conversely sometimes a negative preconception can predispose us to a bad outcome in reality. Like attending a party you really did not want to go to and being incapable of enjoying yourself while you are there due to your mind set. So why do we embrace fantastical thinking? Probably because reality is so damned complex and confusing. It can be a balm to "paint" the world so that it is less mysterious even if the picture we paint is sometimes a dark one. And to my mind that is OK, it's just being human.


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