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First Continuation of John's Virtual Birthday Party. All Are Welcome. (Apr20P09)

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"Les chefs-d’oeuvre ne sont jamais que des tentatives heureuses."
(“Masterpieces are never anything else but happy attempts.”)
- George Sand

Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

In virtual time, it is 7.15am, Saturday, 4 April 2020.

After we have finished our breakfast at one of the cafés in Cours Saleya, we continue with our walking tour at Marche aux Fleurs. By now, we know that Cours Saleya is the name of the main street in old Nice.

John and I saw a number of friends busy taking photos of flowers, fresh beautifully coloured vegetables, snacks stalls, handcrafted items, perfumes and colourful spices. Many are taking selfies and some are happily taking wefies, too.

All of us were amazed by the variety of bread and pastries that are available at this place.

We all stopped for a drink at one of the cafés. A few folks ordered sandwiches and pizzas.

Next, it is time for us to wander off and explore the old town. It is more peaceful there.

In virtual time, it is 8.30am, Saturday, 4 April 2020.

The Old Town of Nice (Vieille Ville) lies below Castle Hill. It has beautiful, narrow and shadowed streets with lots of charming buildings, monuments, beautiful churches and city squares.

It has many restaurants, art galleries and shops selling Provencal spices, hand-made jewelry, cosmetics, trendy clothes, etc. We walk around this old town. We cannot resist walking into some of the shops to look at all the lovely items. The art galleries beckon several of us. I saw Irene walking into one of them.

Next, our Magic Carpets fly us up to Colline du Chateau which is also known as the castle hill in Nice. Here we have a magnificient view of almost the whole of the Promenade des Anglais. We find that the view of the rooftops of Old Town, Nice and the new part of Nice are also stunning and interesting. More photos are being taken by everyone.

CURRENT VIRTUAL TIME : 10.00am, Saturday, 4 April 2020.

Our Magic Carpet has flown us back to the old town of Nice.

Friends, I have good news for all of you. I have just been informed by the Virtual Tour Guide that our Virtual Organiser will sponsor a box of chocolates of our choice at Patisserie Henri Auer. This is a famous chocolate and candied fruit workshop that is located just next to Marchè Saleya.

Their candied fruits are amazing. Yummy. Enough said, let us make our way to Maison Auer :-)

Excitedly, together with John, we enter the fairyland looking boutique with its with crystal chandeliers. It is like entering into another era. The decoration is lavish. You have to see it to believe it. Opulence abounds. Personally, I prefer simplicity.

The vast display of chocolates, candied fruits and traditional French sweets took our breath away.

The staff offer us some sweet and yummy candied fruits. Everyone is delighted.

All our friends are happily making their selection of chocolates.

I selected Maison Auer’s signature candied clementines. Its taste is divine :-)

I can see John, Dave, Clive, Jim and Ryan discussing which chocolates they should select for their own individual gift box.

The ladies are taking a closer look at Fruits Confits (crystallised fruit), Amandes Chocolatées (chocolate-covered almonds), Chocolates with delicious fillings and everything else. Everything looks so tempting. We need more time, here.

Once we have decided our favourite items, the Virtual Shop Assistants will pack them up in lovely presentation boxes and have them delivered to our hotel rooms.

This puzzle is posted in 12 pieces size only.

I hope that you will enjoy this puzzle as well as the virtual trip in Nice.

Jason :-)

PS : The location of John's Virtual Birthday Party on 4 April 2020 is located at :

While these are the puzzles that feature the continuation of this April Virtual Birthday Party :

and the finale of the party is located at

PS : As this is a birthday puzzle, please keep all comments positive and auspicious (as I am superstitious when it comes to birthdays - especially, please do not mention or write anything that has to do with the opposite of being healthy, alive, well or living). Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

jasonchung2 is my main account.
I also post puzzles at jasonchung (my second account).
jasonchung1 (my third account) is now a sealed account, however, you can still solve puzzles there.

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Rita, thank you for continuing to enjoy the virtual birthday party for John :-)

I am glad that you paid us a visit and are having fun :-)

See you again as next month. June is my birthday month. I will not be posting individual virtual birthday parties anymore, not even for myself (John's was the last one). So, my June birthday puzzle will be for all June babies, including myself.

Smiles of Getting Magic Carpets ready for June,
Jason :-)

Jason, I have been saving the continuation puzzles so that I can pace myself with chocolate and other goodies, not to mention the joy of being with other Jigidi friends and the sites of Nice. Thanks for another wonderful time. Rita


Dear Friends and Jigidiers,

A new adventure awaits us at the continuation of John's virtual birthday party at a new puzzle that I have posted.

The location of the 12 pieces puzzle is at :

See you all over there :-)

Smiles of Adventures,


Thanks, Sparky.




Lorna, I am glad to hear that you have enjoyed your tour of the old town of Nice and take in all the lovely and charming sights :-)

Food is great in Nice, France. There is so much of it to enjoy.

Thank you for continuing to join us on this little virtual trip :-)

Smiles and More Smiles.
Jason and John :-))


Apologies Jason , I somehow missed this second stage of your wonderful birthday celebration for John. Oh bliss! Such glorious flowers and the selection of bread and pastries is fabulous! I love the old town, so full of character. The shops are amazing, for a quick visit, but I love to wander around taking in all the sights. Such fabulous views to be enjoyed and what - more goodies? You spoil us! Thank you so much!


Thank you, Suzy for dropping by.

It is wonderful to see you joining us on the latest developments of John's virtual birthday trip in Nice. Yes, the celebrations is still on and I am glad that you are enjoying yourself and taking it all it - walking tours, charming sights, food, drinks, gifts, good weather, great friends, etc, etc. Everything good, positive and healthy.

The wonderful thing about virtual trips is that we will never be tired no matter how far we have walked or how many steps we have taken :-0

And the virtual food is always delicious and we will not gain an extra pound or kilo no matter how much we eat :-0

Smiles of Virtual Fun,
Jason and John :-))


Oh, I think I'll taste it fast ... LOL Thank you, it's great.
Acknowledgments Jason and John. It's a wonderful birthday ☺ ♥ ☺


Well, that was one heck of a party you threw, Jason!
All of the travel, sights, food and celebration is just what was needed for all of us.
Thank you for being the perfect host!!!
May you and John have a Happy Easter. :)


Dear Solid,

No worries, because in virtual time, you can be here anytime in real life, and the activites for the day will still be the same and will always be here. Just as this puzzle will always be present as 4 April 2020.

John and I look forward to seeing you back at the celebrations. Usually, both of us just come and take it like we were here all the time :-0 Though, of course, we drift off to real life as that life beckons with duties.

Smile at Virtual Possibilities,
Jason and John :-))


I`m looking forward to it, though I have to work inbetween and can`t join all the activities. But I`m certainly back for the food :0)


Solid, I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying the Macarons :-)

I have arranged for a box of these to be packed for you when it is time for us to leave Nice - not now, definitely not yet, but many hours later. There are still many activities in the pipeline.

Macarons Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


Blue Cura¢ao Macarons with Yummberry filling -- irresistable E=9


You are most welcome, Chelsey and Chelsey :-)

Thank you for letting me know that both of you are enjoying this virtual trip to Nice, France to celebrate John's birthday :-)

Virtual time will stand still at this puzzle and remain as 4 April, 2020.

Further developments for events after the trip to Patisserie Henri Auer will be announced in another small size puzzle that will be posted many hours later.

Smiles of Virtual Trips,
Jason and John :-))


Happy Easter, Val and Jim.

Spending Easter with friends in Nice, France? Why not.

Warm Smiles,
Jason and John :-))


What a beautiful city Nice is, perfect for celebrating. I enjoy everything, the stores, restaurants, people. I could not resist getting couple boxes of chocolates and Chelsey got a new toy, he plays with it all the time now. The tour of old Nice was wonderful and Chelsey and I enjoyed a magic carpet ride to Colline du Chateau. We even enjoyed John's company for a while. Thank you, Jason, for this lovely experience.


Happy Easter Jason and John, fancy being able to enjoy this time in Nice with all our Jigidi friends Hugs☺♥


Happy Easter dear friends and God BLess ♥♥♥


You are most welcome, Sparky.

It is my pleasure. Glad to make everyone happy.

John : "Sparky, it is my pleasure, too. We are always happy that there are responses to our puzzles and messages. I know that you are a very busy lady. Time is precious, so there is no need to reply to this comment of Jason's and mine. Only party host must reply to all messages :-0) "

Smiles, Love and Hugs,
Jason and John :-))


Dear Jason you have the most wonderful imagination thx for transporting us to lands of happiness and for being so kind and generous xxx ♥☺♥


You are having a delightful day, Iris with vegetarian pizza, watching an artist selling his artwork and purchasing 2 miniature paintings from him.

With all the Jigidiers crowding excitingly around him and admiring his paintings, his business is truly great. All of them found what they wanted. Tourists are starting to wonder whether that painter is a well-known one whom they do not know and are eager to come by and take a closer look at his works of art. They will soon discover that he has great charms and with looks to go with it :-)

John said :"Iris, keep those 2 paintings well. I know that you love them. They feature the flowers that you like and the colour, too. One day, these 2 miniatures are going to worth quite a lot of money. However, I know that you will just keep them as you treasure them."

Smiles of Great Works of Art,
Jason and John :-))


I was one of the friends having a pizza that was full of delightful veggies. Near the pizza place an artist was set up selling wonderful miniature paintings of flowers. I found one with irises and another with purple violets. This artist made quite a few sales as Jigidi friend after Jigidi friends chose a painting or 2. Adventure grins!☺


Hello Val and Jim,

It is wonderful to hear from both of you. It always makes us feel good when we hear how friends are enjoying their virtual trip with us.

John : " I saw Jason took many photos of flowers at the flower market. He loves flowers. However, he does not know how to make those photos into puzzles on his laptop." Hmm.

We are delighted that both of you have selected your favourite treats at the famous French chocolate shop. Dark chocolates are healthier than milk ones. You have made a good choice, Val :-) Jim, Truffles are always hot favourites and they are selling off like hot cakes. Thank goodness, that they are virtual ones and are, therefore, always available :-0

Smiling at Unlimited Helpings of All Things Good,
Jason and John :-))


Hi Robin,

We are glad to see that you are having fun and at the same time relaxing, too. A great combination for a holiday treat.

Come, help yourself to some more Macarons.

John is already bringing a plate of them to you.

Sweet Smiles,
Jason and John.


Wow I am seeing things on this trip that Jim and I would never have been able to see, loved the flower markets, all the wonderful boutique shops, and now the view while I eat my dark chocolate and Jim his truffles thank you Jason and John☺♥


Thanks for giving us such a fun and relaxing day. The sweets are delicious! :)


Donna, they do look scrumptious. They are not too sweet. Please help youself to some.

We will pack a gift box of them in various natural flavours for you to take home.

Smiles of Contentment,
Jason and John :-)


Hello Friends,

I am glad to see that you all have enjoyed the tour of the old town of Nice, the Magic Carpet ride to Colline du Chateau and the chocolate dreams come true at Patisserie Henri Auer.

I can see Jason still enjoying his candied fruits. It makes him happy. I took one from his treasured box and found that it tasted yummy. Now, I need to have one more.

Dhi, it is wonderful to see you joining us and that you have enjoyed the tour.

Gvalentiine, thank you for being here with all of us at this walking tour and tasting trip that my best friend, Jason, has organised. It is all virtual, but we are still enjoying it :-0

Watchman, thank you for your birthday greetings and wishes. Many more birthdays sound very good.

Nancy, my charming friend. I heard that you will be Jason's dancing partner. You will be the dancing queen of the party. Jason will lead you well. Just follow him.

Clive, you know Jason. Once he is onto something good, he does not know when to stop :-0 Hope that you are enjoying yourself, my friend. Maybe, we can take the red Volvo and go for a spin along the avenues of Nice? And the countryside, too?

Gjrockhound, I am happy to meet you. Jason is my best buddy. He made two virtual birthday party puzzles for me last year - Hawaii and Japan. It is France in the city of Nice, this year. I was suggesting to him that he should stop creating virtual birthday parties for me next year as it takes a lot of his time to do this. I wonder if he will listen to me.

Irene, my dear friend. I am glad that you are seeing me in good shape. Jason told me that you have chosen healthy treats at Patisserie Henri Auer. I think you have good taste.

See you all, later.

John (using Jason's account).


Irene, thank you for the compliment.

You were right behind me at the tour of the old town of Nice, until you saw the art gallery and that is when John and I saw you walking into that fascinating place.

Women? I cannot truly say that I really know them well. They are so mysterious at times, charming at others and generally intelligent and accomplished. The ladies at this party are wonderful and good-natured. I have only good things to say of them :-)

There you are, I did not know that you like chocolate covered almonds. They look very pretty and healthy, too. Almonds are nutritious nuts that are rich in Vitamin E and magnesium.

I just named a few of the chocolates that I could see because the rest of them are blocked by the ladies who were busy selecting their favourite choices at one of the display cabinets that were full of tempting treats. I am glad to see that they are having a time of their life :-)

Smiles of Sweet Treats,
Jason :-)


Hello Gjrockhound, a warm welcome to this party :-)

John and I are good buddies.

The virtual party has been wonderful and I think it will continue to be so for we are having many friends here to help make it memorable.

In real life, John had a quiet birthday - the way that it has always been. It was a very good and happy day.

Joyful Smiles,
Jason :-)


Your box of very dark chocolates are already in your hotel room waiting for you Clive.

They are sitting in a lovely presentation box. And there is another box - specially packed for your wife.

Chocolates Smiles,
Jason :-)


Nancy, it is so wonderful to see that you are enjoying the new sights of Nice at John's virtual party in this city :-)

I am so glad that you have taken nice photos of the city and the beach from Colline du Chateau. John and I saw you taking photos from different angles. You look like a professional photographer in action. I am sure that all your photos will turn out great.

We also saw your Magic Carpet asking you to take a photo of him with the old city in the background. He wants to keep a photo memory of his flight over Vieille Ville in Nice.

The trip to Patisserie Henri Auer was fascinating, wasn't it? So many varieties of chocolates and French sweets.

Dark Chocolates Truffles - oh yes, they are certainly delicious. Melt in your mouth wonders :-)

John and I are truly glad that you are continuing to enjoy yourself, Nancy. And thank you so much for letting us know that :-)

More surprises will be coming along it a few days' time.

Oh yes, I like George Sand's saying, too. I hope that we all can make many happy attempts in life.

Happy Attempting Smiles,
Jason :-)


Welcome, Watchman to John's Virtual Birthday Party. This puzzle is a continuation of his birthday bash at Nice.

Thank you for your birthday greetings and wishes for him and, of course, for accepting the invitation, too:-)

I am glad that you have joined us at this party and at the tour.

Lots of Welcome Smiles,
Jason :-)


Jason, you have a wonderful way words, I was right behind you on the virtual tour.
You must know women very well as I will have the chocolate cover almonds. ♥

Happy birthday John! Hope it was wonderful. How kind of Jason to make you a special puzzle for your day. What a great friend Jason is for you.


It will have to be the very dark chocolate for me, Jason & John, and thank you so much for the party that carries on for days.


Dear Jason and John, Thank you so much for the lovely puzzle (yummy macaroons in lovely colors) and the gracious invitation*!* The view from Colline du Chateau was spectacular*** I got lots of great pics that will make great puzzles. The Patisserie Henri Auer is truly a fairyland and the smell of chocolate is intoxicating!!! I chose a box of dark chocolate truffles...yummm** Opulence is fine for a couple of hours...not a steady diet :-)
While here, I'm tasting things I never tried before...happy surprises!!I am having the time of my life***

P.S. I love the quote by George true!


Thank you for the invite and the tour. Happy Birthday John, may you have many more birthdays. ;-)


Gvalentiine, I am pleased to meet you :-)

Thank you for accepting the invitation and for solving this puzzle :-)

Welcome to this virtual birthday party that I am organising for my best friend, John.

The first virtual birthday puzzle was posted on 4 April, 2020 (the actual day of John's birthday). I like the party to last longer, so I created another puzzle because the first one, as at this moment, already has 83 comments.

It is wonderful to hear that you enjoy this puzzle, its accompanying quote and the little write-up that I did on our virtual tour around part of Nice.

Do remember to drop by for the next event (puzzle) which will probably be ready in about a few days' time (I am rather slow at creating puzzles).

Happy Smiles of Welcoming Yet Another Guest,
Jason :-)


You are most welcome, Dhi :-)

I am happy that you have accepted the invitation and join us at this virtual party :-)

Please enjoy yourself. More events/activities will unfold over the days, probably in another small size puzzle.

Happy Smiles at Receiving a Guest.
Jason :-)

Jason! Thanks so much for the yummy delicious puzzle and the beautiful and fascinating virtual tour! You are a wonderful writer and I felt as though I was on a tasting tour along with you. Also love the quote, "Masterpieces are never anything else but happy attempts.” so true!


What a nice invitation and lovely tour, thank you.

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