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Green and white Thai Ginger...

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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle? - in my back garden. Because the ornamental Thai gingers die back after flowering I mark the spot with wire and bead-trimmed butterflies:))
This flower is about 4" tall - and the leaves about 12".

Brisbane, Australia.
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Thanks Suzy:))) So do I:))))

Thanks Ami - it's a bit unusual isn't it!!!


I love the colors!!!


The ginger is back!!! It's so very lovely!!!
Every time I see your avatar I just grin from ear to ear!!! :)


It's really unusual Shirley - and I'm so pleased with it:)) I just hope it keeps multiplying! Thanks :))


So so beautiful, you don't see to many green/white flowers, I really love this one, Thanks, Rob.


LOL!! Thanks Nev:))) If I stood too far back to photograph it, it would just look like a green blob:))))

Thanks Barb and Florrie:))

I have a third one too Lunie - but I can't remember what colour it is!! Glad you liked this one - thanks :)))

Thanks Beekay:)) It looks much prettier in reality - the green/white sort of blends into the leaves here!! No - I don't make the butterflies - I just found them at the cheap $$ shop:))) and it seemed a nice way to mark them:))

Thanks Ank - I'd say your climate is just a bit too cold for these plants:)))

LOL!!! Thanks Dave:))) Maybe it's a new variety of Clearwing:))))

Thanks smllpkg - glad you liked it:)))


A new one for me. Very pretty!


Nev pretty well nailed it! It looks like there are a set of leaves and then the flower stalk with a couple of stock leaves slightly separate from it. THey could all be fom the same spot on the rhysome though. Your mulch looks like a good bed covering and your butterfly could be a photo itself!! I'm not sure its in my book though.... :)))


Wow, very beautiful Rob. Thanks. ♥


Glad I made the puzzle. Thumbnail hid the beauty of this flower. Thanks Robyn. What a wonderful flower to have in the garden. I like the garden marker too. Do you make them?


Wow rob! Ginger flowers are simply beautiful...this color i haven't seen. TFS.


A pretty one, I like it Rob....thank you for sharing :)


Thanks Janet - I like this one too - and I just hope it multiplies:)))


This is a beautiful one Rob. I love the white with the touches of green. Thanks and hugs.

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