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History of the World-Who can you Spot??

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History of the World - Who do you Spot??
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priceless piecexpiece hee hee ha ha xxlol

My mother-in-law is the large figure on the right edge---the one with the full brown facial hair. She would have worn a simple black sheath but she didn't know they would be taking pictures. Willie is the one with the guitar and joint.


thank you did hear of him somewhere .... lol


Ponce de Leon was an explorer in Florida (USA) looking for the "fountain of youth".


oh and which one would be willie nelson ????????????


I saw Napoleon too :-))))) Liked it , thanks !!xxxx


hey good one tea - shaka zulu indeed, columbus, who is ponce deleon???
piecexpiece great imaginanation - loved it!You definitelty win the prize!! Motherinlaw - which one???
Lajun looks like them !
Did any one notice madame butterfly?? Thx all this has been such a fun history lesson !!!!!!!!!!


Eric the Red? Pocahontas?

My vision is a bit blurry - but not as much as pXp

Willie Nelson, Supergirl, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Dolly Parton, Abe Lincoln, my mother-in-law,and Barney Fife with Aunt Bea. Did I win a prize?


Napoleon & Josephine, Michael Angelo, Ponce Deleon, Columbus, Shakespeare Admiral Nelson, Hector, Shaka could be my imagination :0) ♥ ♥ ♥


I see Napolean, who else???

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