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Meet the Mallard family.

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Those of you who know ducks, please correct my identification if I am wrong!
*thanks to bluebird and Gladstone for the ID!!!
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Yes, a mallard - our good old standard duck! A number of ducks have a wing patch - e.g. widgeon, teals - but the female wood duck is totally different. She's a delicate creature, substantially smaller than a mallard, with a crest, gray back, and lovely shades; once you see one, you can't mistake it for anything else.


lovely photo and lovely family. thank you suzy.




They are so cute!


What a sweet family! Thanks, Suzy!


Looked again in my book....mallard it is for all who identified it correctly!
The ducks quickly became Jim's friends, Francine. He had names for each and every one of them, and they would come pretty darned close to him.
They do blend right in, Lunie. Camo at it's finest. :)
This is still in Maine, Ardy-from our camp at Moosehead Lake.
I do believe you are right, Jacki (and Floyd!). I was using my guide from college, and the "blue" caught my eye....thus I jumped to the conclusion it was a wood duck!
Thank you so much, Agnes. They were quite tame and very use to having people around. :)
Tee hee!!! Isn't he awesome, Beekay???? :)
She took them on a large rock, roseheather, and made them jump into the water. It was a rip to watch.....but too much over brush to get a photo of it. We laughed with glee watching them!
No papa in this one, Floyd. He was allowing Mom to train them on her own.
Thanks LittleBlueHat! Nice to have you stop by!
The verdict is in, partner. MALLARDS!
She was a very god mom, smllpkg. Very good.
These three did play that game, songbird! :)


When the ducklings go into the water they'll play "one, two, three DUCK".


Watching over her babies.


Look like mallards to me also.
Hello Duckies!!!!!


A lovely little family! Thanks :)


The duck does look a lot like a female mallard duck.
She is looks larger than pictures of a wood duck.
Great photo of the duck family, no Papa.


Sweet little ducklings.

I am obviously not a duck, I would be nervous if my little ones were this close to the water. Probably because I do not know how to swim. ; )


Sweet little fuzzy babies. Love the little guy washing his/her face ☺


If it is wild or not, does not matter ... it's nice photo ☺


Great photo Suzy, but I think it's a mallard. Both mallards and Wood Duck females have the blue patch on the wing, but the wood duck has a white throat and, based on pictures in both Peterson and my old Golden Field Guide show a prominent white circle around the eye. She should also have a hood just on top of head and running back to the neck. However, her head is enough shaded right here that I can't tell if she just might have a white ring around the eye. If she does, she's NOT a mallard!


Love the babies. Is this from the agricultural farm or are we still in Maine?


Camouflaging with the pebbles?


Always lovely seeing this. Thanks, Suzy.

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