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Prinsenhof Gent

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Prinsenhof and Lievekaai, the river is called De Lieve.
In the background you see the Gravensteen/Castle of Counts

I borrowed some photos of Ghent to introduce you to this beautiful, medieval city.
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davehenry, héhé, my memory isn't so bad, is it?

Waiting and hoping for the best, that's all we can do.


Inderdaad Smazik. Keuze genoeg, hé ☺


Een van de vele mooie hoekje van Gent .


Yes Jaklien ,my wife is from Rotterdam. We spent christmas 2019 there and visited Vlissingen which is close to the Belgian border.Had a great time,but things being as they are with covid ,who knows when we will get another chance to visit.


Just like you, dear Marina ;-)


Hello davehenry, thank you for stopping by. I remember your lady is from Holland, right?


Dear Jill, Ghent is full of old buildings, but so are Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels. It is completely different here than, for example, with you or America and other countries


Wow! You live in a medieval city!! Respect!


Lovely old buildings,great reflections.TFS.


Wonderful photo, thank you for sharing it with us. Castle is great, reflections in river pretty and I just love the red building, so attractive. Thank you ❤️


Ja, hé. Veertien dagen geleden is de treurwilg afgebroken bij de doortocht van de storm Odette. Jammer. Ik zoek een foto en zal hem hier zetten.

Ook heel mooi !


Carol, I've already charged some ☺


Lovely city! Continue to "borrow" photos so we may learn and enjoy!!

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