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Birthday Carnations

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Happy Birthday sillychick/JamaLlama

This will go with the blue vase you picked out the other day.
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@icarus77, Publish your Poems..This one was GR8 :) & Thank-ewe :)
@nanapuzzler, I knew ewe were here anyway even if ewe were busy, & Thank-ewe :)
@karencubbison, Thank-ewe...I bet ewe'd bee *LYAO* @ my expense. It was a hoot :)


Hey Twin!! Sending Big Belated Bluetiful Birthday Hugs*!* Forgive me for being late. I had to drive up to Columbus yesterday to pick up my grandson Ryan from the Hospital and drive back home after stopping at the Pharmacy. So tired when I got home that I almost fell asleep in my dinner ;) I love and bookmarked all the beautiful puzzles Mini, dj, Karen and YOU made for your Birthday. And Icarus wrote a great poem. Remember, 63 is still just a young'un and I will always be your elder LOL ;)

I'm happy to read that your family gave you a great day too!!!


@icarus77 - *LOL* That is fantastic!!!!

Sorry I missed your birthday!
I bet it was a hoot.
Hopefully you got dressed up,
In your birthday suit!

Did you celebrate the big day?
Did you look back with reflection?
You are not getting older,
You are aging to perfection!

So I send my best wishes
I hope that is enough
And just for this occasion
I wrote this in the buff

Then I lit a candle
Uncorked a bottle of wine
Poured myself a glass, then two
But I had to stop at nine

I was having hallucinations
A clever mermaid dressed in blue
Beautifully shaking her tail at me
She looked just like you

Now you know that this is true
For I would never lie
And all that I can say is
Hubby’s a lucky guy



LOLOLOL!!! I would have been rolling on the floor laughing to have watched all that! So glad you were spoiled on your birthday. :) May you have the best year ever!


It's ALL about Me, yep it sure is. *LOL* :)


Lots of great surprises just for you jamal


Oh, that sounds wonderful and scary! Could have given you a heart attach with stuff flying out like that!!!! *lol* How original and how she ever found that was something all in itself. Glad you are having a great day. :-))


Oh Dear, how could I miss 1 of the BEST Blues Finder ever, me sooooooo bad; butt Thank-ewe 4 sure @Minibank :) ...seriously after ewe got me that H-U-G-E Blue Sapphire Diamond. Ur the GR8est :)


...& adding 2 my comment below:@prawnpron78 ;) @jbu ;) @Kat711 ;) @oldandancient ;) @Susis ;) @wshealy ;) @Kossamu ;) @jjstorck (no, I did not get the puzzle that ewe sent 2 me (probably got lost in the mail, butt your trying is very sweet ;) @generic_bear2 ;) @dhi ;) @bjondron ;) @hobocat13 ;) @Sharimarie ;) ...If I left your name off I am truly sorry & please let me know (please step up & do knot bee shy :)


Yeah, butt Fun :}
Our eldest Daughter sent me the cutest & funest (made up word) Gift 2day. Okay get comfortable, this is going 2 take awhile 2 explain: The little box was sent by a Company named 'Send A Cake' (she overnighted it). Okay let me back up a bit. Yesterday she called me on Echo (so I could see her lovely face, sometimes I love modern technology) anyway she told me that part of the gift I may not like, butt she was not worried about that part. She also said that part of the gift will jump out @ me. Okay, I asked her if she was sending me a ...wait for (I strongly dislike cats). She said 'No, MoM, don't be silly." How else is there 2 be? Okay, okay, I'm getting 2 the point. She calls 2day on the Echo so she can see me open this gift that I have been waiting ALL day 2 open. Hubby & I are sitting there & I open it & inside is a cute little box w/a lid w/a knob on top. I lift up the knob & inside is a lot of small silk flower heads. I move a few of these little flowers & out flies 2 large things & they fly off & flowers jump out, My Doggie tries 2 eat a flower, hubby yells @ her, she runs & I am saying Oh shit, Oh shit. (I didn't know what they were). Hubby picked them up & they are 2 large (bigger than the palm of my hand) silk Butterflies. So I move a few more flowers & out flies a whole slew of these silky Butterflies (good thing I had the ceiling fan turned off) 8 total of these Beauties. Then @ the bottom of this small box is a bundt cake w/ a cookie broken in half & placed in the center of this tiny cake. I thought our Daughter said Butt cake b/c the 2 halves of the cookie 2gether looks like a butt & it's crack, butt she said Bundt cake (I haven't tried it yet, will 2morrow). Now that everything is out of the box...the box sides open up & on each flap is a different picture she had the company place. Very decorative inside (Hubby is winding these Butterflies up & letting them fly around our house, what a hoot he is). I have never heard of this Company (Google it if ewe get a chance...Send A Cake...) I thought that was so sweet of her & we had Fun w/it. The BEST part of this Birthday is that I got 2 see ALL 3 of our kids (not goats) on the Echo @ different times ALL in 1 day...Priceless...Oh & the part she thought that I would not like & she didn't care is the...wait for it...the tiny cake...
**Thank-ewe 2 every1 4 sending me well wishes, puzzle presents, Fun & snarky remarks (the best) & 4 making My 63rd Birthday Fun, ya'll are the best, & 4 those who didn't well I'll get ewe next year w/interest & double the puzzle presents, *LOL* mauhahahaha :) :) :) @Donnajames ;) @nanapuzzler ;) @pasta ;) @icarus77 ;) @kmccarrel ;) @karencubbison ;) @Myhhrmaid ;)


Scary isn't it!!! :-))


Oh they sure will & they will stand out on their own right, yet blend Bluetifully. Thank-ewe very much :) I just planted some fake flowers outside in my urns 2day, so we were in sync 2day, scary sometimes how in tune we are ;)


@sillychick @JamaLlama

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