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This one's for JiggyBelleS
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Oh, BonnieJack, how sweet but I don't really deserve thanks. I just succumbed to an irresistible impulse to give voice to what we were all feeling. There are no separate countries in these horrors, we all suffer. I just hope and pray that I don't have to feel another impulse like this ever again. (I am not naive, I just have hope...)

(I crossed with you when we posted our answers weren't "here" when I posted that cheeky comment to Jan. btw...That was my stained glass puzzle that prodded you to find this for Jan. Cool, eh?)


I just fell in love with your dad, Jan!


What a nice story, about your dad, and a happy ending to boot. Glad you liked it, I saw you mention you don't have a dining room when you solved someone's stained glass puzzle.
And thank you too, Michelle. I sure appreciated your gentle thoughts going out toward Sandy Hook in your puzzles.


I was so excited to see this one, BonnieJack, that I was slower than the dickens (1:21). But, what a beauty. And it's so very big! WOW! Thank you so much for thinking of me.

A stained glass father was driving by a church that was being torn down. it had 2 ten foot high stained glass windows that were just about to be demolished. He jumped out of his car and told the construction guys that he would pay them if they would wait until he could find someone to remove the windows. They did and he did and those two beauties were saved. They ended up in 2 separate homes. Hard to find homes they could fit. But they were saved and cherished!


And how sweet are you, BonnieJack! The resolution might be lousy but you can see the "bones"... Jan will love it! ;-D (Michelle)


Especially for our JiggyBelleS, because a little birdie told me she wanted a dining room with a stained glass window. ((sorry, resolution's lousy, but Merry Christmas anyway.))

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