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William Wanklin of Monmouth [1767-1840]

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I think you would be more than impressed with Len's tree then. All the 'High Sheriffs' in Scotland, A couple of Kings and one or two princess' of Scotland. a martyr of Wigtown. i tell him not to expect me to bow or curstey - ever:-))))

We live an hour from Auckland, we go up to see Len's sister and then call to see our son Timothy in Pukekohe, but they've [Timothy and Shaynon] just bought a house in Tuakau so it'll be a new drive for us:-)) If you are ever out here again, with us you must stay, it would be lovely to meet you Francine.

The community thing is really good, I suspect there are people, like me, who don't get out much, and for them as it is with me, we forge friendships, not with everyone, but there is a small group of ladies and one man whose names I know. I like it that way.

Well I have burnt the bacon:-( the phone has gone a few times and I should have gone to rescue the bacon...oh well, whats new:-)
Blessings from here to there - Phyllis


S'mae again Phyllis. Wow! about William Wanklin. You're really doing a great job with your family tree. Am impressed.

Yes, it would have been fantastic to visit New Zealand again especially on your birthday and to meet you and your family. I fell in love with your country and thought the people great. In fact, if it had been possible to permanently move and later retire there, both my husband and I would have chosen Auckland as our base.

~ Now coming back to my intended puzzle, I've read your message twice. And if I understand correctly - reading between the lines - I think it is okay with you for me to post a normal, public puzzle for all to see.
~ And that's what I shall do - unless you state differently.
[I have met so many really nice and interesting people through Jigidi. You're right - it is a community. Never thought of it that way before.]

Am very pleased you're well.
It's been pleasant chatting with you.


Bore da Francine, and thanks for your message. Yes I am fine 'Praise the Lord'. William Wanklin is my 5 x great grandfather. Wales is beautiful Francine, I remember as we drove from Colwyn to Brecon , where we were staying with one of my nephews, thinking that every turn had a new beauty. The Welsh, much like the NZ Maori people have a very deep attachment the their land, and probably so do other cultures.

My birthday, are you coming for lunch with us at the Waihi Beach RSA? now that would be neat Francine:-))) My comfort zone with jigidi, I guess its as good as yours to ask me this question. My feeling is that we are a smallish community of my parts and it's a communitty I have come to like and love. Isn't it amazing the level of sharing among the jigidai members. So surprise me Francine.

Bless you Francine, just think if you were able to get here you would be meeting our Anna as well, now that would be something wouldn"t it! Right I must away, I want to do a couple of puzzles before I get the body ready for bed. Goodnight and have good day where you are - Phyllis


S'mae Phyllis, read Sue's comments below re your health/doctor's news. Am pleased you're feeling better.

I'll have to Google and read up on your Mr. Wanklin. I've done a lot of Google Mapping in Wales. It's beautiful. Actually, I've been mentally drooling looking at the hills and castles, etc. Would love to visit there.
Question for you:
I am preparing a puzzle for your birthday on the 17th November.
But I don't know your comfort zone with Jigidi.
So, am checking with you in advance.

***How do you feel about my posting a public puzzle on Jigidi on my 16th November so that it would be available during your actual birthday on the 17th?

If you're not comfortable with that, I'll post it as a private puzzle on whatever puzzle of yours that happens to be the last one posted.
[Though I don't know if you are comfortable doing a 'Copy+Paste'. Remember in the past, you had problems with stuff I was trying to share with you.]

Please let me know your choice. Thanks Phyllis.


|Hi Phyllis, I just saw your comments on the Heligan Gardens in Cornwall. I haven't been to Heligan but I've been to Sissinghurst Gardens as they are in the same county as me. I'm glad to hear you had the ok from your doctor that's good news. ...Sue

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