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Sunflower at a surprising place 😮

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We are feeding the birds and one seed drop near the garage door… making now the birds & the bees very happy!
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  1. andytay99910:29
  2. Mags4910:55
  3. camron11:21
  4. rrfan11:42
  5. Clarrie11:56
  6. marisela13:23
  7. tina202113:31
  8. Jabber14:20
  9. very14:42
  10. mnewhollandw16:10


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Raccoon-proof 😂 funny! Yes, but squirrels are reaching though!…my little dog is barking & chasing them, but leave the birds free lol
Yes, we are 3 hours apart, In 1979, we were living in Edmonton, and I remembered calling my mom while the sun was still shining, and never gave a taught she was in bed 🤦‍♀️
I was more careful after!
Have a great wkd too! 🌞🌻
Sunny and already 23…supposed to get 26 today!

5 raccoons! At least you were able to keep one feeder. I usually hear about squirrel-resistant feeders. You need raccoon-proof feeders.
You're 3 timezones away from me. Have a good sleep tonight and a good weekend.


Oh Hi Patsy!
That was a funny one actually, cause there was a small crack in the concrete near the garage door…and for some reason, one seed fall out while feeding the birds…don’t know if another one will grow up there this year… we still feeding the birds but last winter, we experienced some problems with the three feeders, we had visitors from 5 raccoons !!!! No wonder it was always empty, until I saw one before going to bed one night… the day after, they were two and in no time, the family was there! 🤦‍♀️
We had to removed the biggest one, and leave the small one at the end of a small branch…they came for a month, but not able to reach lol… they were cute though!
Have a great wkd out west, I’m far out east, in New Brunswick, in the North, by the Acadian Peninsula!

Just discovered this amazing photo. Thanks for sharing with birds, bees, and us on Jigidi. Any sunflowers in the same or similar location this year? ~Patsy in Calgary


Yes it is…. in couple of weeks, they will start to grow again!
Thanks for your comment!
Have a great day 🌻


When there's a will ~ there's a way 🌻🤗 🌼

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