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  1. monza0064:48
  2. mags1795:04
  3. arianus6:05
  4. javachip6:11
  5. Jandy6:30
  6. dkektk6:33
  7. willowdr26:38
  8. whatnauts6:56
  9. w84itslywbt7:10
  10. 2dogs7cats7:10


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Very pretty, Wendy! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing! : )


I was hoping that you are writing something like this.
First a want to ask on Jigidi that the send my E-mail adress to you, but I don't know off the do that.
But I was realising that you first must do other things and come be strong again.
Mayby later?
Willy. :-)


Willy, that's the best that I can do, and you too. You know that you are one of my very favorite people on Jigidi, and in fact, my favorite male friend. You always light up the day. Sometimes I'll leave you a special message that Mandy can tell you. hehehe ;-)


Wendy, when there is no other way, you must do that ; create puzzles with Mandy.
So I can give some comment on the puzzle and I know I have on this way a little contact with you.
Willy. :-)


Edie, I just read your comments so you can delete them now. You're one of my favorite puzzle solvers and I'll miss you too. You provided a lot of fun and excitement on my puzzles and I always enjoyed seeing you. I hope your condition calms itself as soon as possible. You'll be surprised how soon you won't miss me anymore. Seriously, and oh! I'll still be around in a way, but I don't want to be part of Jigidi. Mandy and I are going to create some collaboration puzzles (we'll both create some puzzles that the two of us have worked on together) and I just might create a whole bunch of planter/flower puzzles with dedications. I think Mandy might use her other alias for them (005).
So there, you have it. :-)
You made me smile a lot. :-)


Hi, Edie. I just saw your posts and your new avatar, the sad face, and I just burst out crying.

I'm sorry to hear that you fell off the board.


Third time lucky. 7:10 so I should still be here when you read this.


Don't know what happened to my comment on this one Wendy. Maybe I didn't wait long enough for it to post. I fell off the board with 8:18 and now I'm barely one with 8:04. Really like the tiles but not for my bathroom, I'd rather have them as a nice back splash in my kitchen. Lots of fun. Thanks Wendy


Mandy, I'll ship you a set of bathroom walls. :-)

Pat, I used furniture polish, but I'm sure that Mandy will be more sensible and use the Scrubbing Bubbles when her walls arrive. LOL

Willy, I'm delighted that you enjoyed solving it. I made about 20 versions of this, and cut it down to two choices, and this is the one I picked to post. Can you guess that? LOL


Wendy, this I a great puzzle!!!!! All is in it; the colors blend into each other, there are "soft looking",beautiful and the puzzle is a pleasure to solve,
Willy. :-)


I love the colors, and the shine--you must use Scrubbing Bubbles! LOL! :-)))))))


Ooooohhhh, I'd love one of my bathroom walls tiled like this!!! Thanks Wendy :~))


Thank you very much, le5691. :-)

Such pretty colors.

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