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Basket Case

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  1. limpduck4:00
  2. gordyp535:10
  3. Kesland5:11
  4. Derkj5:21
  5. Garlicrosey5:40
  6. aaronmc5:42
  7. leekwyoung5:44
  8. mpgarcia6:14
  9. llgtpg6:24
  10. peridot506:33


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Prayers dear lady 👩.


Your plate is fully loaded, bjondron. Please take care as best you can for both of you.


Birgit: I went to bed around 9pm and up to put compression machine on John's leg around 2am. Stayed up till 8am returned for short nap (John has pain appointment this afternoon), setting alarm for 2 1/2 hrs. later but kept waking . When alarm did go off, migraine hit, introlable! I so understand agonizing pain Birgit and it's effects.Hope it lessens.


Perhaps a setting of this type of cottage is the answer, it looks lovely.


I have the same thing going on. Come about 9 at night, just can't stay awake, the comes 3 AM. Must be the mountain air and all the rain, which should let me sleep


What are you doing up so early? I’m up only because RLS has kept me awake on & off since 3 am. Really frustrating.
Watching videos of Zavie but this restless feeling is almost chronic now. No fun at all.


@Magaella @Droelfzehn @myself1935 @bjondron
@dhi @Birgit73 @Donnajames @minipooh4u

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