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Old Shack

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  1. limpduck2:48
  2. MyHG3:11
  3. Bbmill3:13
  4. NickNase3:27
  5. delfin3:28
  6. Horn3:39
  7. PLG19584:00
  8. potatomum664:01
  9. thunderbug4:06
  10. ssawyer4:07


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Great puzzle ..


A road and some houses, GG
I agree, shirl


While it's a little shabby now I don't think it's beyond repairing.


This was once a nice little place, I think. Hmm... I wonder what's behind that fence! Fun puzzle, and thanks for sharing, Morris!!


I know that it would, Izzy!!
Thought the same thing myself, tater.
Thank you, Patti!
Would like to know the story myself, Bonnie. Thank you!!


I would love to know the story behind this wonderful old shack. The window covering on the right has hearts on it. Thanks morris. : )


It looks a little lonely, but it makes a fine puzzle! Thanks Morris!


Looks a mite drafty!
Was a snug little place at one time. Makes me wonder if story that goes with it isn't a sad one.


Why don't people look after things, I would love that in my garden. It would look a lot smarter than it does now.

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