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The Eye Of The Beholder

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  1. monza0061:09
  2. caanan1:47
  3. bea682:07
  4. puzzler13002:12
  5. life22:16
  6. tholin2:16
  7. Chikkee2:20
  8. rainbow12:21
  9. cherrykeithhonda2:22
  10. psstoff2:22


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Leet, thank you so much for such a wonderful and descriptive comment below. I know so little about art and really appreciate imput and learning whatever I can!!!

PJ, Thanks for your descriptive comment also. It is amazing what one can create when one does not know what in the world she is doing LOL LOL LOL

Judy, we can both then relate to the puzzle then LOL So glad you enjoyed it and thank you too for leaving a wonderful comment :-)


Kathy, I love the design. If the lines in the eyes were red, I could relate. My eyes always look kinda red veined, so I must declare it beautiful! Exquisite! That's my rendition of "in the eye of the beholder." Thanks so much for the fun puzzle. Judy


Excellent and interesting puzzle Kathy. A unique and wonderful design.

Think of the design as unbalanced which makes it interestng. It certainly draws my eye and makes it search. Good work.


Wendy, I had a serious debate with myself as to post this or not LOL It was just an off the cuff design that was a bit out of character for me LOL but it seems to be well far as the solves that my puzzles get LOL Looks like I might just have to change up my style a bit? As far as the pupil, the title allows the beholder to "see" what they want to see LOL And yes you are correct, it does look a little "screwey". My words LOL not yours LOL

Mandy, I have no earthly idea how the rings ended up looking like that :-) Odd things happen I am finding when I am at the computer control center LOL


or spirograph rings creating multiple designs simultaneously !!!


Kathy, this is a unique design, but the pupil looks like the head of a screw. Are you sure it's an eye?

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