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An array of color

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  1. suepy8:44
  2. graciousar10:30
  3. kats7011:16
  4. nelsie11:21
  5. carhead42012:55
  6. Bex_714:00
  7. LynneGS15:09
  8. jkishida2615:21
  9. catladyinflorida15:26
  10. Courtney_P15:36


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Really fun puzzle. Thanks.


That's exactly how I learned to use it. I was just solving puzzles on Jigidi, and posting a few photos, when I saw that the computer had a Paint program. I knew nothing about computers, and even less (is that possible?!) about Paint, but I just kept playing with it, learning by trial and error, and I've had SO much fun. I hope that you enjoy it, too--you're off to a great start!

My older son put windows 7 on my computer because windows vista wasn't that great. This was part of it and I thought I'd play with it and found all this neat stuff. My younger son has had it for a while now and didn't know about these different things it can do. Now he is going to do some artwork of his own on his.


It's what I've been using for 2 months now, and every few times that I use it, I discover something else it can do. If you only started using this recently, you're a VERY fast learner!

Thank you! It was fun making it and I discovered some of the features of the program which I didn't know about. It was recently put on my computer.


Now THIS is a terrific use of the Paint program--beautiful!

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