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This morning

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We had a little frost this morning.
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It is a lovely shot. Great depth of field and well framed. Thank you for appreciating my "nom de jigidi" I learned to crochet after my Mom passed as it was the one thing she could not teach me to do on this earth. (She was left handed). Mom said first I had to learn to crochet then knit.


Thank you, yarnover. I was outside for only about a minute to shoot this, and then ran back inside to keep my hands warm enough to check the result of this lucky shot.
I love your "nom de Jigidi." I'm a life long knitter and appreciate your sense of our art.

Beautiful. Thank you.


Thanks for the kind comment, Rebecca. You can bet I didn't stay outside any longer than I had to when this one was shot.


You made me feel cooler, thanks!


I'm glad you enjoyed it, mila, and took the time to respond.


TFS, this beautiful frosty morning photo.


Thank you, Laura. I remember looking out the kitchen window that morning and telling myself I just had to shoot it and share it on Jigidi. Glad you enjoyed it. (ᵔᴗᵔ)


Ohhh how beautiful is the frost on the evergreens!


Thanks so much, Ellen, but I haven't posted much for quite a while. I must admit that my solving horizons have broadened somewhat while you've not been posting puzzles. I'm finding that there aren't any puzzles that "replace" your and Heidi's dog puzzles. You may like to take a look at Avy's puzzles; she has some Maine Coon cats that are very photogenic. She also has a baby German shepherd who looks like a charmer and is well trained (I think the cats may have had something to do with that, but I have no info on that).
I hope you and Joe are feeling well and healthy now. Getting old is not for sissies; since I retired from my job I've learned that for sure.


Wow, jyl! Not only is this a gorgeous photo.....but now I know where everybody went when I was amongst the absent!! :o)


Thanks, Kathy! I'm honored to get "special attention" from you. Your puzzles are probably at the top of my list of favorites--I'm not sure exactly why, but they do good things to my brain, and probably my heart, too.



I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you doing my puzzles and your comments are always nice and heartwarming. I really do appreciate you so very......very much Jyl!!!!!! Yours Truly, Kathy


Thank you, spencersmom! Thanks for noticing the framing; it happened just to show perspective and turned our to be the element that made this the pic worth sharing with everyone.


Beautiful view and you've framed the photo beautifully as well. Thanks from your neighbor to the south (western Washington). Tina


I guess I need to get to bed...226 am....hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow....I think you guys are about 3 hours earlier...good night...

eelun1 sorry jyl....I daughter, we think has oa...and she said when she moves more it helps ease the pain...but not completely...and hubby...just sits in his chair...he is not very active...I wish it were a little cooler to walk...I think that would help him....but the humidity is horrible...and as far as the daughter usually can tell when rain is coming...


My sympathy is with your husband, eelun; I was diagnosed with oa over 50 years ago and I decided I would do anything in my power to battle it. The temp and humidity are always bouncing up and down here and I'm told that's when us arthritics get our symptoms--I've been a more accurate forecaster of wet weather than any meteorologist just by paying attention to my pain. I suspect, from how my body acts, that I now have ra as well & that's why I can forecast. The 35 years of belly dance have left me with great rhythm and the ability to hold onto isolations, so I guess I came out on top in some ways, anyway. ;~))


Florida used to be ok...I spent a lot of my teenage years at the beaches...but the older I am getting it seems to be so much hotter than it was...we do have some cold Dec and Jan but they only last 1 maybe 2 days...I am tired of the constant heat....but hubby has ra so we are stuck like chuck here...he is from NJ...but for his sake the weather here is a lot easier on friends all give me stuff with snow....snow globes, signs with the saying let it snow...anything snowy the get me...I guess I am a little bit anal when it comes to dreaming about having cold weather here in Florida for more than a day or did snow once...back in 77....the Tampa Bay Area...but it didn't last long...


Bevpuzzler I have no idea how I missed your comment! (I suspect that since I had not raked the leaves and didn't want to lie to you ... ) I'm so sorry! The last few weeks we've had colder weather: below freezing some nights, not usual for here. Some overnight snow a few times recently, but not enuf to bother most of us.
Eelun1, I agree it's gorgeous most of the time; I grew up here in Greater Victoria. Our area is very popular with cruise ships, etc., so I guess I'm spoiled weather-wise. The climate here is much like Seattle and Vancouver, BC, but with about half the rainfall of either of them.

eelun1 gorgeous....I am I would love to live up in Canada...I am a native of Florida and hate it here...too dang hot all the time...been to Niagara Falls(Canadian Side) and fell in love with the country and the people...would love to see British Columbia as well...maybe someday...

What a beautiful site...It is unseasonably warm here today for Nov. 29. The leaves are all down and raked, but I mowed my front and back yard. All is clean and pretty until the next big wind comes.
Weatherman says, snow tonight. Hope not. Bev. 5;42 P.M
P.S. I'm in No.west Indiana.


In part, what you've been experiencing is the west-coast drought which resulted from a change in the pattern of the jet stream. This lasted some years, but broke this year with the onset of el Nino. Jet stream changes come and go; droughts come and go; we don't know yet whether you're seeing the forerunner of a permanent change (by human standards) or just an odd cycle of weather.

The jet stream pattern which produced the drought also resulted in what they call the "polar vortex", where Arctic air dipped way south - and I remember a similar cycle back in the '60s, when they ran out of fuel oil in Arkansas and Oklahoma, and we had a week where the temperatures never went above 0°F. Our -26°F on Valentine's Day wasn't the record for that day - that was -38°F (-39°C) back in 1979.

That said, there are a couple of things to consider. One is that global warming is just that - global - while we live in a locale, and different locations experience different degree of change. While we were having what we consider a normal "old-time" winter, it was so hot in Australia that their national weather service had to add a band at the top in order to report the temperatures! The northeast. where I live, seems to be getting *more* precipitation than usual, and our weather seems pretty much what it's always been - only when I look at the last 5 years (60 months), we've had 34 months more than 1° warmer than normal, but only 9 months more than 1° colder than normal.

In part, you're a victim of a relatively mild and predictable climate. The changes you're seeing are real, but we've no idea yet whether they're "permanent", transient, or part of a cycle (e.g. as a concomitant of the change from el Nina to el Nino, but this one is particularly strong, so the effects are amplified).


Thanks for the comment, Don--sorry it's taken so long to get back to you.
Two things: first, the guy who predicted we'd have the climate of San Diego was a climatologist from either Seattle or Vancouver, BC; second, I don't follow the weather as closely as you do, so I'm not sure how accurate my "personal" information is. However, the weather here seems to be getting drier and warmer overall. About five years ago I first noticed brown patches on the Western Red Cedar trees locally - a sign of less rainfall overall; there are an increasing number of those, by my personal observation. This saddens and frightens me.
This and last winter have both been much warmer than any I've experienced since I moved to our lake in late 1989. Virtually no snow either year and just the occasional heavy rain (we had 66.1 mm, or about 2 1/2" one day last week and extremely dry summers for the last few years). The Victoria area gets on average about half the rainfall annually of Vancouver and Seattle and both larger cities have been whining about not having enough drinking water over the last couple of summers. I think the only reason we haven't had the same is that a few years ago a very smart water board manager had our reservoir raised by two inches and mandatory sprinkling restrictions in effect from May through September over the last number of years. I can't remember just how long ago the watering restrictions started, but I think it's been at least five or six years.


Nah, it's just what they say - although the guy who predicted you'd have the climate of San Diego in 20 years was smoking something. The thing is, we experience *weather*, not climate, and weather is notoriously variable. Where I live, 99% temperature range (only 3 days/year on average fall outside these numbers) covers 110°F (-20 to +90). With temperature varying that much every year, and 36-hour swings as much as 60°F occasionally, do you think we'd notice the *average* temperature going up 2-3° over 10 years? But heat drives weather, and the oceans are a big reservoir of heat, so increasing the average ocean temperature causes more severe weather.

This el Nino has the hottest mid-Pacific temperature on record, beating out the previous high in 1998. It's affecting weather globally - but it's a recognized periodic variation, we just don't know all the ways it affects weather yet. Our November was 4°F warmer than normal, December was 15°F warmer than normal, January was +4°, and February is on track for the same. But we also had temps of -25°F (-32°C) just 7 days ago. We consider it an abnormally mild winter, but it's definitely winter, and nothing that hasn't happened before, and nothing that can't be explained by el Nino. We certainly don't expect it to be like this next winter!


Happy New Year to both of you, and thanks for the compliments.
My view isn't all that amazing, Evelyn; as I explained below, it's a very small part of what I see out my kitchen window. I've read that this is a "double" el Nino year, whatever that means. We seem not to have a winter at all this year and last year and drought for a couple of summers in a row. About five years ago some experts were predicting this part of the world would have a climate like San Diego "in 20 years." Seems like they were a little conservative in their prediction!
Patricia, I've never been to Europe, but I've heard and read very good things about the Black Forest and the environment there. The "El Nino effect" used to be said to occur about every seven years. This is the second one in two years and I wonder whether is it part of "global warming" or "climate change." I'm just as disappointed as your friends in Italy and afraid of what people have done to our beautiful planet. Thanks, both of you, for the notes.


They keep going on about El Niño on the news here too! More flooding on the way. We had a mini hail storm yesterday. Quite ridiculous.
Jyl: this beautiful photograph reminds me of the Black Forest where I spent my childhood holidays. I really miss it and the house we had.
HAPPY NEW YEAR! to all! x


Weird winter. I was talking to my friends in Italy and they are extremely disappointed by the lack of snow on the mountains.


Thanks, Patricia! I'm extremely complimented.
The cold didn't last long: we've had no snow so far (and none to speak of last winter, either); every so often we go below freezing overnight. Yesterday I went to drive to my friends' in town and my little Yaris had about a millimetre of ice all over it. Didn't last and I don't expect any more soon.


Goodness, this is soooo beautiful and magical! London is rainy and too warm : -((


You might be right jyl. It happens here too. Some people have a yard full of Christmas trees ☺


Thanks for the comment, schutkleur. I love this view, too, even with the Western Hemlock gone. I have really "settled for" it: I moved in in December, 1989 and don't plan on leaving any time soon.
The frost-bearing trees are in a neighbour's yard; they're far too close to each other and really don't add much to the landscape except for the occasional good picture. I suspect that he buys live trees for Christmas and plants them in his yard in January (I've known other locals who do that.)


You DO have a stunning view jyl, eventhough it's just part of what you can see from your porch. I'd settle for that ! :))


Hi cevas. We have rain and wind predicted for today and a high of about 9, so it's back to the usual.
Nicky, I gave you false information last night: I realized this morning that instead of -2°F I should have written -2°C, just a little below freezing. Whoops, sorry.


Wow!! That's gorgeous !! There was lots of frost around here (Vancouver) too ... but now the rain is back. :)


Thank you, Diannepuzzle. for the compliment on my picture. Here it's somewhere under 50°F, a whole lot warmer than this morning.
Thanks, Nicky, but I've done the photographer's version of "cherry picking" here. When I shoot something really close to home I try to capture the best of what's around. The temp when I got the shot was -2F: burrrrr!


You're standing on your back porch? I am very envious of the absolutely stunning view you have.


75 degrees here in N FL. Very pretty picture!


Thanks! It was just beautiful enough for me to put on a jacket and stand on the back porch to shoot this. It was so cold I had to lean on the house to be still enough not to ruin the shot by shivering.


Ooooh, beautiful!


Hey, Mrgoodboy, pretty and peaceful maybe, but on my part of the Pacific coast we're not used to weather this cold, at least not until it's winter. Thanks for stopping and commenting.


Thanks for commenting, Dave. Tomorrow the people who think they know what's going to happen are saying rain--therefore, you're very right.

So pretty and peaceful .


Lovely shot jyl, It probably didn't last very long, but it's good to remind you what happens when the temperature drops. TFS.

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