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The entrance door to the interior of The Leaning Tower of Pisa
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  1. Hasli1:25
  2. racoonstar1:56
  3. Ianto2:20
  4. Sissy62:23
  5. rahas2:33
  6. emacaj2:33
  7. Bitsy252:40
  8. olivia22:56
  9. vt11632:56
  10. Mngal33:03


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Hello Linda, yes Ma’am, I took all the pictures (except 1 botanical photo). I had a chance to peek inside the open door and was surprised to see . . nothing :) I didn’t think it would be empty (open) !! You’re right, it has an interesting history. It’s fun knowing we’ve traveled to some of the same places . .


Visited this site in Italy. Did you take the picture?It is a beautiful place to visit. It's very old. Built in 1173 and in 1178 it began to lean.The lean was due to one side sinking into the soft sand . It took 344 years to complete. Thank you for bringing back one great memory of our trip. Linda

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