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Bald eagle sitting in a field

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Taken May 3, 2022
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  1. Teagardener0:26
  2. alansnell0:31
  3. JillianB0:32
  4. hadzi0:36
  5. MinneTexan0:39
  6. Ianto0:41
  7. bethjoy0:42
  8. pavla70:45
  9. lenty0:48
  10. dondi0:49


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He certainly does have that "look," Marilyn! I wouldn't want to tangle with him.


He looks fierce.


Maybe he was, Sylvia. He took off not long after that.


Wow, what a photo, Li. He was just waiting for you to come by and take it! Thank you!


HUGE contrast, Tea!!
It's hard to get a photo when they're up there like that, Patsy!

Nice! The only eagles I've seen were soaring overhead.


Well, that’s true! It would be interesting to see a Hummer next to it 😉


True, Tea. I would assume that if this bird resided in my yard, I wouldn't see any other varieties! :-(


Not your average yard bird !!
Thanks Li :)


I admit it's an unusual place for a bald eagle to hang out, GG.


I love this one too! You got a great shot of the face! How wonderful it must be to find a Bald Eagle just sitting in a field, waiting for you to come and take its photo!! ☺


Thanks, Jackie. Love and hugs back.
You're so welcome, Jillian. They are magnificent, I agree, but they also have a fierce look.
Wow, it's hard to imagine not seeing one in the wild, Ed. Maybe they don't like salt-water fish!! :-|


I have yet to see a bald eagle in the wild. Thanks for turning around, Li! ;-))


Wonderful shot of this magnificent bird. Thank you Li

Very lovely photo, Thank you. Hugs and love.


They really are majestic, dblay. I'm always thrilled to see one.
They really are, DexterandRudymomma . Thanks.
I almost missed him, Jacki. He was quite a way out in a field, and I was almost past when I realized whatever it was was white on top and dark on the bottom. I had to make a U-turn to get a better look.


Great shot Li!! WOW. Thank you


Beautiful bird.


Beautiful and majestic Bird. Great puzzle. Thank you.

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