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Name the jigidiers part 12

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kansasgranny (Pat) Carol66 doxfan3 (on right)
Chips1936 sugarmum mefmouse
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  2. riveroad0:06
  3. marunka2770:06
  4. Syke0:06
  5. truck0:07
  6. Jumble0:07
  7. pumpkinhead0:07
  8. Beekay0:08
  9. snooker0:08
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Where is snooker? 9-12-2021

What a cute idea! Thanks for the puzzle(s)!

Just came across the puzzle. Back in Jan, 2019 we were assured theat Snooker was still with us. Today is Jun25, 2020 and I hope Snooker is still with us.


Me, too! :)))


Ditto.... ◕◡◕ ❤ ◕◡◕


Just thinking of you, hugs. Maria


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from here in Canada:)
Take care Pat,....Maria



Ah, Ank
Thank you so much and I am delighted she is with us. Though not on jigida, but hope she is happy.
@puzzeljac 1-26-19 1:53pm


Yes Bev, she is still alive. And I'm sure she read this, so she knows that people care for her. Only, she doesn't want to be known again. I think you best let her. She is okay. ♥

Seriously------What stars. Do you think she is still alive? Bev. 1-26-19


Pat was angry when TPTB removed the stars. The day that happened she quit jigidi. :(

Last seen Dec. 2015

What ever happened to snooker. ? Bev. 1-26-19...12:21pm


Miss you!


Wishing you and Charlie the best of 2019! Take care......Maria

Does anyone out in jigidi land know if Snooker is still with us...last seen in 2015.
She put out some delight ful puzzles. Where are you snooker??? Beverly 12-25-17..7:46pm


Just want to wish you and Charlie a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!
Take care. Miss you!.......Maria


one super person, sadly missed

Sure wish Snooker could come aboard again...It's been far to long. Bev. 8-16-17..2:20pm


Miss you Pat:( Hope you are having a great summer:) Hugs, Maria


Excellent news!


That is great news indeed - please send her (and Bandit and her hubby) my good wishes :o)


Thank you, Laurajane. :)

Laurajane, seeing you are involved with ministry and missions etc. I am taking your word. I am delighted to read your message. Her jigidi friends have waited a long while to hear this news.
The Lord Bless you both. Beverly 9-04-16..6:31PM


Just to let you all know that Snooker is alive and well. Please don't worry.


So glad to hear.

Happy Birthday Pat!!
You have Tenstar Birthday puzzles!!!

Good morning jigidi friends and those who followed snooker.
I have written a note to Stefan Kiehn of Copenhagen. He and his staff are unable to get information on snooker. He did suggest that, perhaps she gave out her email address to someone and they might inform us of her being.
If any of you folks are on Facebook you could possibly put her name out there and someone might be able to help. I would ...but I am not on Facebook.
Everyone have a great day!!5-19-16..7:17 A.M. Beverly (Bev.)


Pat - if you are out there (and I really hope your are) know that you are loved and dearly missed

For all the people that followed Snooker (Pat) is there anyone out there who really know this lady?
Isn't there a way to find out is she is still with us? It will be a year in December that she was last seen on jigidi. God Bless Her wherever she is!!! Beverly %-15-16..1:57 p.m.


Yes Pat, we all miss you. ♥


Hope all is well, Pat. ❤️


Surely, someone must have her email address?




I miss you BIG TIME, Snooker. Sigh....

Thank you for your answer Ank.


Bev ik denk dat alles goed is. ♥♥♥

Ik bid dat ze niet sterven. Ik drukte dit is Nederlands alleen omdat ik niet wil alarm mensen als ze lezen het Engels. Bev. 26 januari, '16 ... 09:18 p.m.


Snooker, we miss you!


Beverly, she is still a member, else this puzzle could not be here. But she does not use her membership anymore. And that's pity. I wish there is someone who has her mail address. That someone could tell her that we miss her and that we are sorry that she left. ♥

The originators of jigidi...Stefan Rosell or Marcus Jacobi ..would they know if Snooker is still a member of jigidi...I would hate to word it differently. ??? Bev. Jan.19,2016...9:57a.m.


Snooker, I miss you!! Thank you for creating these wonderful memory collages ... and for not deleting them. I wish you and Charlie all the best. Hugs!

Happy New Year Pat!!


Hi Bev, if you go to my page, you will see that I made a card for your birthday. Many friends dropped in with good wishes for you. This is the link to the puzzle:

Hugs dear. ♥

Dear Ank,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the birthday greeting. That is so kind of you.
Beverly ...everyone calls me Bev. Jan.08,2016...2:55pm. U.S.A.


Happy Birthday
I made you a card.

Faye, yes let's hope not, but I am afraid she did. She will be missed by many. I'm sorry. ♥


Pat did say she might bid adieu at the same time as the stars...let's hope not.

Where is snooker? According to her profile she was last on jigidi Dec.13,2015..I sure hope and pray she is well. Who will know about her? Bev. Jan. 07,2016...3:20pm.


Thinking of you...❤❤❤


Hey you guys - I miss you and your crazy Bandit!! I hope all is well and that you had a Merry Christmas snooker!!


Well done 10***s


Merry Christmas, Pat and Charlie ♥


Yes, thank you Snooker, you gave a lot of people happy memories!
Just came on to find out you have left, I am sad friend but trust you and Charlie are okay.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Take care. Big hug.


I'm totally confused too


What's happened? I'm confused.
Pat dear, I'm sad too.


Sorry to see you have left, Pat... I really enjoyed 'meeting' you here on jigidi.
Thanks for leaving us this fine legacy, all these childhood pictures.
Take care and be well.
Have a nice Christmas and a great New Year.
Love and hugs, Marry.


don't know any of these either. but it looks like you gave a lot of people happy memories. thanks snooker.

LOL Suzy. So true.


The amazing thing is that 106 of us found our cache of photos....and were able to remember what the heck we were looking for once we got the photos all spread out! :)

Thanks, Ada. Sorry you couldn't find a photo before this one was posted. You are missed. :)


So sorry snooker, I have been so busy with my crafts! I still was unable to find even a half way decent photo of me as a baby. I know there are more in huge bins and boxes that are put away.
I just haven't any time. I have projects I am working on for gifts for upcoming birthdays for friends and family, they take longer then expected to finish.
This was a wonderful thing you did. They are wonderful. But I'm pretty sure "my face" won't be missed. LOL.... Great job!!!! ~ Ada

You are very welcome, louisee. :)


Allot of work doing these collages. Thanks snooker.

Glad you both enjoyed the collages. :)


Thanks Snooker! So nice!


Thanks for this beautiful series of all of us :)

It sure is, Dave. :)
You are very welcome, Patti.


Wonderful work, Snooker! Thanks for them all!


106 of us found old photos and posted them. Amazing

Thank you, Rob. ♥


Thanks so much for your big effort snooker - whoever thought 106 faces would be the total:)))) You've done a terrific job!!!!

Thanks, Sally, Floyd, Brie, Francine and Mimi. It seems many have remembered things about their childhoods that were long forgotten. Have enjoyed hearing all the stories and am glad you enjoyed these collages.


This has been such a fun series Snooker. It's obvious that we've all enjoy your hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ☺♥☺ Hugs!


Pat, I loved this series. Thanks again for all your time and effort in doing this.


Snooker - you are amazing! It has been the best thing to hit Jigidi for a long time! I am sure there are - myself included - who rummaged through boxes and albums of old, fading photos that have brought back so many memories. Thank you so much :o))))


BIG project
Thank you Snooker.


Thanks so much, Snooker.... These mini-me photos have been delightful.... A hundred gold stars for a job well done.... What's next????? 。◕‿◕。❤。◕‿◕。



The names are all under the collage, Lyndee. Afraid there isn't a Mary, Sue, Jane or Doris though. LOL

Thank you, Beekay. It was fun.


Thank for all the work you put into this project. Who would have thought you would be making 12 collages. It's been fun seeing everyone's younger versions of themselves :-))


Mary, Sue, Jane, Doris.....Ha Ha....I don't have a clue who any of these are, but they are a great looking bunch of children that's for sure! :)

Glad you liked them, Gerda. ♥

It was nice to see everyone as they once were, Suzy. Since we really don't know most of the people in person, it was a good way to enjoy a "snapshot" from their lives.

It was worth it, ladywil. I think people liked to see their photos in the collages and to meet each other that way. :)


You made very nice collages of the young Jigidiers. That was a lot of work every time.


What a handsome group of puzzlers!!!!
You have put much time and effort into these creations, Pat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did to make us all smile at ourselves and each other. This was grand!


Waw ! 106 Jigidi friends ! Thanks for the wonderful collages you made. I really enjoyed it!

Had more photos but couldn't verify that they were of the poster. Always asked for a yes or no and many just never got back to me. Had others who said they were looking for a photo for the collage but I guess they never found one. :) Thanks, smllpkg.


It was fun, snooker. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into collecting these photos and assembling the collages.

Thanks, Lorna. I never expected it to last this long but there does seem to be a fascination with old photos right now as you can see. It was great fun but time to say adios now. :)


Another great selection of photos. Who could have guessed where that first name the jigidiers would lead to? It has been a great series snooker and many thanks for doing it!

That's OK, Laura. Know the feeling sometimes. :)
Way to go, Marry! Only one more. Appreciate your comments.


Oh, and I just found out who's top left... kansasgranny!


Many thanks to you, Pat, for this great series! I really enjoyed it.
7 more sweet portraits... just wonderful :-)))


Not a clue, Snooker...sigh.

Thanks, Florrie. This old girl appreciates that. :)

There are 106 jigidiers in all the collages, Bev. :) Happy Easter to you too.

Only 2 to go. You are doing great today. :)

This so cool
tell me tell me who you are
Happy Easter
3 31 15


Mefmouse middle right... :)


Carol66 middle top....

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