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Vintage Fillmore poster No. 93 (Winterland)

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Jim Blashfield returned to design this Winterland concert poster for November 16, 1967.

The Doors -

Mount Rushmore -

Procol Harum -
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TIM - I forgot to mention I call this poster 'Chernobyl Tomato'.


gemmadent - I like it, too. Such differences between the artists...

@rswestley - you've had quite a time with bodily secretions... my sympathies to your wife. When I saw some of the song choices for Mount Rushmore, "Toe Jam" jumped out… "That's for John", I thought to myself (I thought other things for the others in my head).

I like Michael Jackson's version of "A Whiter Shade of Pale" better... he finally quit using that vitiligo excuse. By now, my disdain for remakes/reboots/reimaginings should be known. Of course, Bill Bixby was the Hulk. Why is this even being discussed?

The Proctologists are down the road... I think they played the Avalon Ballroom. I'll check my notes. In the mean time, use Preparation H.

Should you have procreated, happy Father's Day.

Thanks, John... you made me feel better.

This puzzle catches my eye because it is bright and colourful.


Thanks again mpp for the stroll down memory lane. Of course everyone is familiar with The Doors (The End - and song originally performed by the 'Protologists'), Procol Harem (a young girl and plastic surgery gone wrong - "That her face.... turned a whiter shade of kale" and who could forget Mount Rushmore (well, I for one. Can you forget something you never knew? - well yeah... if you are invisible and addicted to Parkay margarine). But ever since my first nail fungus, I have always been a sucker for songs and artists that featured body parts and bodily secretions... such as TOE JAM. I will ad Mount Rushmore to my list of favorite bands...

Sly and the Family (gall) Stone
The Paul Biopsy Blues Band
Roy Orbital Socket
Cream (don't ask)
Buffalo Shinbone
Otis Retina
James Brown... (don't ask about this one either)
Jefferson Appendix
Otis Rectum
Simon and Gallbladder
Aretha Fungus
Creedance Clearwater Rectum
The Velvet Urethra

OK... enough silliness for one day. We have all missed you and (if I can get personal for a moment) hope everything is OK on your end. OH! Were we talking about a poster? … I don't like this one. It's a distortion of reality. An idea stolen by Jim Blashfield and capitalizing on the success of The Incredible Hulk. Noone, I say NOONE does the Incredible Hulk better than Bill Bixby... blasphemy!


Why this advertisement?