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Lion of Lucerne55F484F8-382C-4F93-B366-82A0D141C81E

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  1. rrfan6:35
  2. 808turner9:01
  3. garebearrower9:05
  4. thunderbug10:11
  5. liz5511:45
  6. comanche25012:21
  7. annieclark13:01
  8. mfitzy13:06
  9. sillylilly113:31
  10. mma422013:46


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And sadly, the King of France was already gone when the Swiss Guards were massacred.


@BerryBerry A great shot. Our guide pointed out the niche carved by the sculptor from the rock is in the shape of a hog....his commentary on the City Fathers who cut the amount of his commission of this sculpture of a wounded lion in tribute the slain Swiss Guards who were defending the King of France. TFP

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