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Chicken parmigiana

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Aussie’s favourite pub grub. Usually referred to as a parmy or parma.
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  4. Gideon1230:21
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It can also be called napalm.


Looks good, can one get fat, while looking at a picture of foods and licking one's lips? ;-)


I would just tell it to get in my belly, and skip the name calling.


I call it parm.


And it's pub grub!

The best salmon dinners I ever had were not in upscale restaurants or even, bless their hearts, in Mom and sister's kitchens, but in a noisy Irish joint with live music and tables more suited to beer glasses than to feasting plates. For many years, I ate there every week.

That was where my Dublin guy and I got married, too; the upstairs room was perfect for more fine hospitality, and they fed the whole party without a single mistake or complaint.

Am I now authorized to call it "parmy or parma," or would that be pretentious? :-)


I bet the ptarmigans are wiping their anxious brows and saying, "At least it isn't Ptarmigan Chickengiana!"

Beautifully presented, and perfect in the mouth every single time. At least, I've never encountered a disappointing plate of it. Almost the only dispute that might arise would be over how much seasoning.

Thank you!


Ah yes, comfort food.


@Mischka, enjoy!

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