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Goofie's first weekend in his forever home!♥

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A tiny and very anxious kitten 'hiding' on the stairs to the loft!
12 October is a special day because on Friday 12 October 2001 it was the day we went to the shelter where we found and rescued our lovely boy - of then 4½ months old- and gave him his forever home.
It was love at first side as we passed the quarantine window where his eyes looked straight into mine! We were shown another (adult) kitty who was also selling himself, but I was drawn back to that window and I was over the moon to hear those kittens were only still there because the 'adoption' kitten rooms downstairs were full. I pointed him to the lady saying "I want him", yet she was determined to show me another adorable kitten but she realized I really had my mind set on him!!! She said it would be a challenge to take "Jovi" (that's how they named him) as they had to treat him with gloves on!!! Well, I was prepared to take that challenge after my '11 years of similar experiences' with Happy ☺☺.....Later I've often wondered whether she did mistaken him for another kitten because I've never had a more gentle and loving kitty than Goofie in my entire life!!!
For (almost) 16 years he's been our little buddy when we sadly had to let him go to cross the Rainbow Bridge on 4 September 2017.
It were 16 wonderful years of loving him to bits...he gave us so much happiness and love in return!

Still miss my furr baby every day!♥♥
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Right, Rebecca....we made our pets' lives 'hell' didn't we? LOL


Sometimes Maggie had a bit of something off the stove - an egg, etc. - and it was SOO HARD to wait while it cooled in her bowl! No, we didn't coddle or spoil them at all. ;))


You're welcome, Rebecca. I'm glad you enjoyed it again :)
Yes, he was very impatient when his F.I.S.H. was cooking and it actually took maybe 5 or 6 minutes for it to be ready. I used to put the hot fish it in a sieve and poured cold water over it to cool it off in order he could eat it straight away. ♥☺♥


Thanks, I really enjoyed that F.I.S.H. video. :) "Why does it take SOO LONG to cook??"


Yeah Faye, in this (first) photo of him he probably also was suspicious of what Leroy was doing with that 'thing' pointing at him....little did he know (nor did we then) he'd become so popular by his photos! ♥☺♥

IF he was a gathering of all our kitties then I have to admit that he was given all the best of each one of them.... in looks and in character! ♥

Aww, thank you, Mrgoodboy.....long time no see!

You're welcome, Rebecca. I'm glad you enjoyed the video. And oh yes, he did have us all well trained, but Leroy in particular. He would always go outside with him to have a smoke (Leroy stopped smoking a year ago!) . If Leroy was upstairs and Goofie would sit at the garden door meowing very pathetically...André would call: "Leroy, Goofie wants to have a smoke!"LOL .....
The video with him pacing the kitchen counter waiting for his F.I.S.H. is still on YouTube. I had a look yesterday and I only saw about 10 videos, but when I pressed "play all" I saw the other videos to choose from in the right side of the screen! But I'll give you the link to this particular one!

Thanks, Betty. André had that with Lucky....When anything happened, like that time a black cat was meowing at our front door, and when I opened the door he came straight inside and was so friendly and 'at home'.... but Lucky defended his territory and fought the cat right through our home! I didn't know who's cat it was and he refused to go, so I called (Dierenambulance) and they came and collected him....long story was ME who let that cat in so I needed to be punished....Lucky avoided me for three whole days whilst playing "mister Loveable himself" to André....☺☺☺ After those days I was allowed to cuddle him again.....until the next event! LOL (but I loved him to bits!♥)

Right, Kayell, like it's said: it must be fate! I'm glad you enjoyed the video, I can still grin watching it and think....'what a darling he was"

Aww, thank you,lurdo. Before you commented I had no idea you also had fallen for Goofie. So glad you son showed you how to comment...they are much appreciated! ♥

I know, t53de70, it was never about replacing any of our kitties, but I decided not to take in a kitty anymore. My love for cats and all kind of pets will never die though!!! :-)

When I saw Goofie for the first time He stole my heart He was so sweet , so tender, I read all the comments every day but I didn´t know how to do it until my son told me how, Goofie gave me lots of good moments, He was a very special for me. Thank You .


Ah - sometimes you just know, don't you...? I do love that video too - thanks, Impie.

Impie I know what you mean. Tracy was MY GIRL, and so very special. It doesn't mean I love the others less but she was somehow different. ☺♥☺


Thanks for the video, I hadn't seen that before. He had Leroy well trained. ;) Then I clicked on your name and watched Goofie in the Snow, also a new one for me. Watching him shake the snow off his feet WAS hilarious, I laughed out loud, and when he got back to the patio & looked at the camera, I clearly heard him thinking "What a mess! When are you going to get all this cleaned up, Mum??" :) The one I remember is of him saying "Yes, OF COURSE I want fish! When will it be ready??" Maybe you'll post that one again some time.

Impie, your posts made me love both you and Goofie . God bless you .


❤️❤️❤️Oh, so tiny...and oh, those eyes...

After reading A Dog's Purpose and A Dog's never know...perhaps Goofie was the love of all your other kitties gathered into one cute little bundle...❤️❤️❤️


We crossed comments, Ella, thank you....and I couldn't have find a sweeter kitty boy! ♥


Thanks, Rebecca....I (we) sure did....:)

Thank you, tisketsmum....I sometimes hate the thought of favoring Goofie over our other kitties as if they weren't special, I also loved them to bits, but he really was that extra special....he's never scratched any of us or got mad at us. His loving soul is most obvious in this video I took of him. I've given the link last year already, but I'm sure his fans won't mind to view it once more!!!
He absolutely adored his Big Bro and 'asked' for him to "tickle" his thighs on a daily base (several times☺☺)
Just check out the link: (again)

You're welcome, GG. I never thought I could make a choice, but it seems that "you know when you know"♥☺♥
My hubby and son were almost sold by the adult kitty...I admit he was a sweet and beautiful white cat, (and victim of a broken relationship) but on the way to him I had seen Goofie and I was absolutely sold!!!
I'll keep looking for opportunities to post a photo of him...I have so many to choose from in my special digital files, but I feel it should be special now! ♥♥

Oh yeah, Betty, although in this photo he was still rather anxious. I'm glad I'd blocked the top of the stairs so he couldn't get to the loft yet. But as soon as he got used to his new home I took away the blockage and the loft became his favourite rest, play and hiding place...♥♥♥


Such a sweet picture. :-) He couldn't have found a better home!

Oh Impie, young or old you can see that special boy in that face. The same look!♥♥♥


Oh Impie, thank you for sharing this puzzle! I'm so glad you are the one who chose Goofie amongst all the other kitties at the shelter, and that you weren't tempted to take the other kitty. Goofie didn't realize at the time how blessed he was! Such a sweet boy, and we miss him too! ♥ ♥


I know that "love at first sight" feeling Impie, no wonder you could consider no other kitty than your Goofie. In his own way I'm sure Goofie loved you right back as the many photos you've shared with us will testify. He was a very special feline and it's wonderful that you found each other.


You (both) hit the jackpot. :)


Thank you, cappy/Jackie, I will....I hope you enjoy yours too!

very cute picture, thank youenjoy your day.

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