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Hawk Moth in the back garden.

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I think it's a Privet Hawk Moth - about 2" wide.
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  2. like921150:25
  3. Dinty0:26
  4. Robbos0:30
  5. loveydear0:31
  6. Shian20:32
  7. maryoz20140:33
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Thanks Janet! It's just 2 photos that I put a border around using Ifanview ( which is a programme for editing photos) and then I use a free download called 'Gadwin Printscreen' to capture them together. Chris set it up for me as I'm not very computer-savvy :))) Hope that makes sense!!

I'm pleased you enjoyed it Katbalou - thanks !!!

This moth was on a Bottlebrush dondi - but I guess there are privets somewhere nearby in it's breeding area! Thanks!

Thanks Ank!!

It almost got a hosing Dave - so Jeremy rescued it!! Thanks!

Good on you Nicky :))) Maybe one day you'll be cured :))) Thanks!!

Thanks Suzy - the macro setting has been getting a workout lately!!

Thanks Ami - it's nice to see you back posting & commenting!!


He's a big one, Rob, Thanks for the post.


Wonderful shots of it Robyn!!!


Love your avatar, Rob!
Nice shots of the moth. So close up!


He blends in so well, Robyn. I've still got my moth and butterfly phobia but still enjoy looking at and doing puzzles of them.


Good eye even seeing this moth, Robyn!!


Great shots Rob, thanks


Good pictures. Definitely patterned to imitate bark, but it could use a larger tree for it to be most effective!


Good camouflage tree...............Thanks robryan...........


What an interesting puzzle. I was able to zoom in upon completion of the puzzle and I had no idea how intricately "decorated" these moths were until I could really study their markings. Thank you for the photo/puzzle!


And he's beautifully camouflaged too, thanksRob, great pics, hugs, janet.

How do you get the split screen, Rob, is it a special programme??

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