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Friends at a Bistro

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  1. Tann1:22:55
  2. trangtruong1:26:40
  3. sam11:30:02
  4. falcon841:33:00
  5. mummasuey1:34:36
  6. Oddvig1:45:11
  7. meb31:46:57
  8. Lulu12651:49:43
  9. erika1231:54:33
  10. spyderfate1:57:15


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Me too. x

I've had wine in a mug before and it was equally enjoyable lol! :-D


That could be wine in disguise in the coffee cup. Hahaha.

Sheila, I am also the woman with the red dress even though my hair is brownish. I never drink coffee in the afternoon and would definitely choose wine lol! Would be fun to share a glass of wine with you though! "-)


Well Jeanne Marie, that's me in the red dress and blond (yellow) hair enjoying a glass of wine. Is that you in green, my memory is failing me did you have red hair?? Were we on holiday and if so where?? Hahaha. Loved this one.


I think you may be right!!!

J, There's nothing wrong with preferring coffee! That is, as long as you don't mind me having a glass of wine! But I think you'd be more than fine with that. I don't think that that's a poster behind them. I think that it's a picture window through which you can see a couple inside having their quaff. Art is, however, open to interpretation. xoxo


What an interesting history I am reading about you JM! I'm a coffee rather than wine I'm afraid. An interesting feature in the picture is the poster at the rear of the ladies - I thought the older couple were sitting at the table too!!!

Thanks, Anne! It's so good to have you back. Glad you enjoyed this one. xoxo


Love the story between you and Den. Fantastic puzzle.

Hey, Den! It's ME with the wine! I was thinking that you were the one with the flashy red hair and more mature demeanor! Face it, if this was you and I we would both be drinking a nice red lol. Too bad we can't do this in real life ... xoxo


Ah yes Jeanne Marie. I remember that night. It was when you were going through your Red Head phase and trying not to have too many alcoholic drinks so had coffee instead.
I thought "this phase won't last long and just had my normal glass of wine(or two!!)
Thanks for the puzzle

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