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The kitchen in my one year old house.
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  1. alias2v0:17
  2. Ianto0:21
  3. jals0:23
  4. racoonstar0:23
  5. iceng0:25
  6. TamaraWilliams0:25
  7. MaryOz20220:26
  8. BigR0:26
  9. rahas0:27
  10. JennyG660:28


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Two years old, now. :D


I solved this but didn’t comment at the time. Your cabinets are very similar to mine as well. And I have marble countertops too. But mine has been remodeled and was built in 1974. Yours is brand spanking new. :-)


The builder built two houses side by side. When I was out looking at houses with my realtor we looked the one next door to my home first. It had blonde wood look tile floors, and white cabinets. When I saw this one I immediately fell in love with the dark woods, and told the realtor I wanted to make an offer.


I love it love it love it
What more can I say
Thanks for sharing

beautiful Kitchen

Very nice! All the materials I love ..... brown wood, steel, marble ... can I steal it?


No, not enough room for a pony...but a couple of cats might find it to their liking...


Room for a pony.


Good thing I know how to use Google Translate. :D


Sorry, I didn't realize I was writing in Italian ...sometimes it happens.


A 200 hundred year old house has it's own charm, and should have an appropriate kitchen.


Un idea per la cucina ... ma non credo che andrebbe bene nella mia piú di 200 anni vecchia casa.


It's perfect!
Well done!
Bon appetit!


Looks great! grins!☺


Yea, those too.


Perhaps a few decorative raccoons... ;)


I like it, it just needs a few decorative roosters here and there. : )


Very nice racoonstar. It looks the perfect size for you!

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