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Diving bell discovered in the boathouse at Glensheen

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Taken October 11, 2021

The sign reads in part:

We found something cool. Or rather, a construction crew dug up something cool that we already knew was there. While cleaning up the boathouse in July of 2019, an excavation crew uncovered the massive diving bell that’s been submerged under water (and then the rocks after a storm in October 2017) for decades....

“A diving bell is a rigid chamber used to transport divers from the surface to depth and back in open water, usually for the purpose of performing underwater work….

“Diving bells are usually suspended by a cable, and lifted and lowered by a winch from a surface support platform. Unlike a submersible, the diving bell is not designed to move under the control of its occupants, nor to operate independently of its launch and recovery system.”
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I'm glad I'm not the only one, GG!!


Oh, you are so right, Li! I don't think there is any way I would ever even consider getting into one of those things!! ☺☺


You're so welcome, Mary. It's good to "see" you!
I'm sure it would be very interesting, Sylvia, but, for me, probably a bit scary, too. Yes, daring people would have to do it. Thanks.


They found a treasure for sure. Wow! I'd be claustrophobic, too but on the other hand it must be ever so interesting to be diving in it. It sure needs daring people, though.

Thanks for the interesting info


I'm sure they were, GG. I can't imagine a person going inside this and then down under the water. I think I'd have claustrophobia. Hugs!


Wow, that's an amazing find. I'm sure they were very excited when they discovered this treasure! Thanks, Li! ☺

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