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Dear friends.
As of today there are several changes at Jigidi, which is written about in the 'Jigidi blog'. This means that from now on I will no longer place the birthday puzzles under themes but under miscellaneous - birthdays. There is no separate group for wedding anniversaries so they just come with miscellaneous. ♥♥♥
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Hi Gina, thanks for the good wishes. Yes, with keywords puzzles are more easy to find. But I think we all do it our own way. I have a long list of friends I follow and indeed it's difficult to do everything we want, days are simply too short. ♥♥♥


Oh, & Ank, thank you so much for these gorgeous flowers! XXX


Happy Birthday, both to you dear Ank, & to our darling little Bella. ((Birthday Hugs))
Neville, like you I keep a list of my Jigidi friends. It is so long I can't possibly get to them all regularly, but I do try to keep in touch. I never even thought of using "key words" to find puzzles! I just go down my list & check them out by name. Health issues keep me from doing anything regularly, but I do try. You all, & TPTB on Jigidi are a big part of my life, & I'm very grateful. Love & Hugs to you & Marge, & everyone on here. ~ Gina


Well, I'm glad that it helps, we just have to get used, if everyone works with it it will make finding puzzles more easy. . Hugs to you all. ♥♥♥☼♥♥♥☼♥♥♥


Yesterday evening I printed all the subjects. It makes it a little easier, but I still think the way it was, was a lot better. But I will get used to it eventually, I guess.

Thanks for sharing. It will also help those of us that just solve.


@dhi @puzzeljac
Donna, thanks for that great link. I've now printed a copy of the 10 subject headings (with all the sub-topics beneath them) on one page, back to back. Now have them all in front of me, at my fingertips.
Ank, from now on I can select the main topic which is what I post under, and then look for a sub-heading which I can write into the 'keywords' section.

Girls, it's all making sense now. A light has come on in this old fellow's brain - I was confused before. Thank you both so much for all your help.
♥♥♥ and ♥♥♥






Great Donna, thanks so much. ♥ I just woke up with the idea to tell that to Willy.
Willy, please read Donna's (dhi) comment, you post under the main topic and in the keywords you put the sub-topics.


Great Donna, thanks. I just woke up with the idea to tell that to Willy.
Willy, you post under the main topic and in the keywords you put the sub-topics.


Here is a link that displays the various categories, which may help.


Willy, if you search via categories you look for birthdays at miscellaneous, if you tap on that you will see more options, including birthdays. If you post something under miscellaneous you have to enter what it is in the keywords, so 'birthday' then it will be fine. It takes some getting used to, but then it is easier.


Agreed Willy.


Beautiful flowers. I guess lots of puzzles will go under miscellanous. I already miss so many posts. I don't know why. I missed the last couple of birthdays.
I don't like this change. There are some that I don't even know where to post them under.


Okay ♥♥♥


You are right, Ank. I'll sure try to remember that.

That she is, plus the walks are good for you as well.


True, But Bella needs the walks and she my number one priority. ☺

That they are. and getting shorter. At least you and Bella get to go for long walks.


Same for me, days are much too short. ♥♥♥

There are plenty of puzzles to do. Not enough time.


As stated I have a long list of people who puzzles I try to complete daily and if I had more hours in the day, even more people whose puzzles I would like to complete. So I simply do my best on both scores, and hope that most folk are happy with my efforts.
I also have several people who tag me regularly, and I do enjoy keeping in contact with them too. If it is your wish to tag me on a regular/irregular basis then I would certainly encourage you to do so, and I would certainly welcome these tags.
Thanks, mate.


LOL Suzy, you're right. ☺ Glad you do Val. Hugs girls ♥♥♥


Thank you Ank, I am a follower too so will not miss out ♥♥♥


Life gets so complicated!!! LOL


Hi Jerry, you are right for the people who use 'categories' to find puzzles it will be more easy. But it is important that people use keywords. ♥♥♥


Nev, I noticed your comment that you don't "follow" anyone. Now I know to tag you on some of my puzzles.


For my interests, I am glad they are expanding. Before, if I wanted "trains" I had to go to "machines" and sort through all kinds of blah to find trains.


Hi friends, yes I think it needs some time, that's with most changes. Thanks for all the kind words and good wishes. ♥♥♥


Thanks for the reminder Ank. I keep most people I follow "Bookmarded" and/or "Followed". I haven't explored the new categories yet, but will check it out, just to see how it works. Oh, beautiful flower arrangement!


Thanks for the updates, hope we all get it. Have a great day.


Thanks Ank, and belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Best wishes from Vips


thanks dear sis♥♥♥


Thanks for the "heads up." See you in miscellaneous!


I am a follower.
Also pleased you had a great Birthday.

Thanks Ank for explaining the new way.
Yes Nev it can be confusing.


I think, like all new things, this will take some adjusting.


Hi Nev. The meaning is that you you use miscellaneous and then you write "THEMES" in the keywords. Then if you search in the category miscellaneous you will see that there is a sub category themes. And that way, if everyone does it that way, they are more easy to find.
For me it's not a problem, I always wrote Birthday with names in the keywords, I only use miscellaneous instead of themes now. Actually I think that this way it will be more easy to find the birthday puzzles. About the 'Themes' I'm not so sure, it all depends of the discipline of people. Hugs my friend ♥♥♥

You always post a reminder of the theme, maybe you best write in the info "post under miscellaneous and write 'themes' in the keywords." I think that can help. ♥♥♥


Ank, thanks for the info. I don't "follow" anybody on Jigidi, as I keep my own list here of people whose puzzles I regularly do each day.
I'm a bit disappointed, actually. I read the Blog about the new changes to classifications, and understood it to mean that Jigidi was "expanding" the categories with extra sub-categories. But I must have read it wrong because all they have done is "contracted" the list to provide LESS categories. I'm saddened that "THEMES" were dropped, because this compromises the contributions of two of our most well-known people, yourself Ank with your daily Birthday puzzles, and Sue with her weekly Theme puzzles which have been running for about 12-13 years now. Sorry if you do not agree with me, but I find that to be most disrespectful to two of our "key" contributors on this site. I am of the view that this is a "backward step" by Jigidi management and will do nothing to further the progress of this site. Respectfully, Nev. ♥♥♥


Hi friends, I agree, if you follow me you will not miss my birthday puzzles, a few hundreds each year. ☺ But this was also to remind you to post them in future under miscellaneous , then you have to write birthday in the keywords. It's for birthday girls and boys the most easy way to find their puzzles. Hugs ♥♥♥☼♥♥♥

Thanks for letting us know, Ank. I'm a follower, too. ;-)


Thank you, Ank. I very seldom go by categories, I use 'follow' and the 'notifications' also the 'followed users'


Always follow you, Ank, and Bella, my two favorite Jigidi puzzlers. Thanks for the information.


Thanks for this reminder. I did read it but did absorb that fact.

Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the info.


Changes is something we all need to get used to here on Jigidi ... I have been trying ti get used to the new format .. Sis I never look in those anyway ..


Thank you for letting us know!


Komt goed, jij staat ook in mijn 'follow' lijstje!
Bedankt voor de mooie bloemen! ♥☺♥


Very pretty puzzeljac, TFS Monica ♥


That will be no different for me, as far as your puzzles are concerned. Like Jumble, I follow you anyway. I will have to remember to post my birthday puzzles under the new category. Though I expect I will often forget.


Thank you for the update, but I follow you anyway Ank, so it makes no difference to me.


Thank you Ank!


Thanks, Ank. I guess some people search until category. I go by puzzle maker as listed as "followed" and come up in Notifications. I really questioned putting my collage under Art but they didn't seem to fit anywhere else.


Thx for letting us know our sweet very dear Ank xx oh my goodness i hate change ... but I always post my puzzles under miscellaneous anyway ☺☺☺ what scares me is there will soon be no adobe flash which is what I use - so going to have to get used to the new html version - oh dear ☻Glad you had a wonderful birthday - you deserved it ♥♥♥ lvoe sparklightie and brightspark ♥♥♥


Natuurlijk volg ik jou Ank, en mis dus geen puzzels van jou. :-))) ♥


I'm a follower also. Glad your birthday was a good one.

Thank you Ank, will see you on miscellaneous, HUGS !!!!!! Jackie


Thanks Heidi, yes I had a great day, a bit busy but nice. ☺
Yes girls, that the most certain way to find the puzzles.


I, too, "follow" your puzzle posts, Ank. But thanks for this puzzle alerting everyone - a good idea! :-))


I'm a "follower". ;DDD


As long as we ''follow'' you, we'll be notified about your puzzles, no matter how they're listed.

I forgot to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday, Ank. I hope it was a really special day.

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