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Pink/purple Blackberry Lily...

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Laura - I'm sure this is the same as your & Dave's yellow one, just a different colour - as it has shiny black seed after it flowers, and the plant has the same strappy leaves too.
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Thanks Allie:)))


It's lovely Robyn - a real beauty! tfs!


Hi Dave - this is growing in my garden - just the one small patch of them. They have pretty much died back now in winter, but will shoot out new plants later on. I don't have any seeds left over from this earlier flowering - and even though I'd really like some of your different coloured seeds, I don't think our Dept of Agriculture would allow the seeds in. You'd have to go to the trouble of having them identified & certified etc. Chris & I looked up the Ag Dept site - & it seems like it would be too much trouble! When mine flowers next year I'll see if I can save you some seeds - I'll let you know when I have them!!
Thanks for the link - they look really nice - and much more prolific seeders than my small patch!!!


Check this out Robyn:


The seeds are very fertile. I'll trade you some seeds of this one for some seeds of the orange one.


Yes Robyn its a Blackberry Lily. The pistol and stamens are the same too. I've seen pure yellow ones and the orange ones but never this color. You can cut the stems when the pods open and the black seeds show and they will last like that all winter as a cut decoration. Thanks for showing this. Where is it? Close to your house or on vacation?


Thanks Laura - but mine seems a bit familiar & ordinary, and I'd love one your colour:))))

Thanks Suzy!!!


What a beauty!


Yes, Robyn, that's it, for sure! This is a lovely little pink one. You have described it correctly!


Thanks Shirley, Morris, Cathy, Patti, Lyndee ( but they're not catching:))), & Beekay!!!


Great photo, and lovely lily too!!


Oh no, me tink this flower has the measles!!!!


So beautiful, Robyn! Thank you!


This is a gorgeous lily!! Thanks Rob.


Very pretty flower, Rob!


This one does look like Laura's equally as pretty in pink, delightful little flower, Thanks Rob.


This is one of mine Janet - it flowered in March ( I've started to date all my pics to keep track of them when I file them!). Mine are asleep now too, but the leaves seem to stay around all the time and just send off new plants. I think it's the same as Laura's. Thanks!!


That's the one that I used to have Rob, with the little black seeds that come later, and the big strappy leaves. I gave some to a friend, so I must ask if she still has any as mine seem to have vanished, which was annoying as I had heaps of them. Is this one of yours flowering now Rob, or still asleep?? I'm still hoping some of mine might come up yet. Thanks for that, hugs, janet


Thanks Barb - I thought it was the same as the petal numbers & shapes are the same!!!

Thanks Francamia!!!


Gorgeous Robyn thank you.......


It does look the same, Rob. Very pretty in pink too :) Thanks!

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