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3 ~ Happy Fathersday. :-)) ~ Just finished brushing their golden locks.

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Golden Lion Tamarin & youngster.

*Max level 200 pcs.

Golden Lion Tamarin Fathers.
By two weeks old, the golden lion tamarin infants are carried on their father’s back nearly 24/7. Dad hands them over to their mother one at a time every two to three hours, then she nurses the baby for around 15 minutes & hands it back to its father. The infants will ride on the father’s back until they are six to seven weeks old. At four weeks, the babies begin to eat soft food, & it’s the father’s job to peel & mash bananas & hand-feed them to his offspring.

~ goodnaturetravel ~
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  2. laskadog19:43
  3. catwimp11:08
  4. valeriealder475314:46
  5. sylva3318:50
  6. Jbo194620:39
  7. softblk6421:37
  8. sea_feather24:48
  9. JTurner5536:01


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I'm glad you enjoyed @valeriealder4753 & thanks for leaving a nice note. :-))


Interesting article with your photo. Nice to see DAD in the child rearing.


Yes he's keeping a good eye out for his little one. :-))


Look protective ~

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