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Bojar Woman

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From the 15th to the 17th century, the boyars of Muscovy formed a closed aristocratic class that surrounded the throne of the grand prince (later the tsar) and ruled the country together with him. They were drawn from about 200 families, descended from former princes, old Moscow boyar families, and foreign aristocrats.
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You're very kind, Mosh. You're most welcome & I'm delighted you enjoy
the art posts. Best wishes.

Your art selections are amazing.
Thank you again and again.


Your kind comment is appreciated moshmaster.
You are most welcome & blessings returned.

Beautiful portrait.
Lovely young lady who appears to be
very much in love.
Thank you, mandatory for sharing.


Have a great day Maria. Sunny now but rain later today and turning colder. We are going to be in Dogwood Winter for a few days.....Take care of you


Good morning, Cyndi. I agree, it's beautiful . Hard to say what
she's thinking but with hand on heart and such dreamy eyes, it could be a love
interest...hmmm. Happy midweek & stay safe.


Brilliant painting by Firs Sereyevich Zuravlev. Beautiful Bojar woman in her traditional clothing. I wonder what she is thinking or dreaming about? Hope you have a beautiful day my friend. Take care of your

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