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From the Butterfly House at Faust Park
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You’re right, it’s amazing how they can blend in! This is a Blue Morpho, which is a brilliant blue when it’s in flight🦋 Since they ‘hide’ their blue color when they land, I bet I tried for half an hour that day to get a picture, but the photos were blurred😉 Theses were the largest butterflies there and in my small opinion, the prettiest too :) Thanks for working the puzzle and your comment!


It's incredible how insects and other animals can adapt to the environment and remain hidden...


Hi Florida Lady! All is well here :) I early voted and then spent most of the day in Mt. Juliet, TN and it was a nice drive they the countryside too🚙 Hope you had a great day and have a wonderful Saturday!


Hi Tea.. Just popping in to say "Hello" .Hope all is well. Have a great weekend. lol:)


You’re welcome Linda, glad you enjoyed it😃


Hi Tea.. This butterfly has camouflage coloring to protect himself from predators. He looks like the tree. If he didn't his species would never survive. Ants, wasps, snakes ,lizards, rodents ,monkeys and birds are just a few of his enemies. His coloring is really pretty when his wings are open. Thank you so much for posting this unusual butterfly. Linda Have a good night.


I can just imagine the blue on the bottom of his wings. What an amazing sight! (I always check "notify me on new comments" on puzzles I I know when a comment is made. :) )


Hi again Suzy, well . . I replied to your comment, but it said there was an Error, I’m sorry about that🙄
Yes . . those markings sure look like eyes! That’s the way He created them, they’re so unique. I wish I had a picture of their wings open, brilliant blue :)


When I solved this and enlarged it, I was astounded at the "eyes" and how they (as Lorna put so well)....look like 3 D jewels. What an amazing job of camouflage!!


So many "eyes" to scare off its enemies. Nature is inventive, don't you think?


I thought it was the head of a snake, at first glance.


I’m laughing at what it looks like to you!! To me the dot in the middle looks like a Tigerstone gem. The truth is butterflies were distinctly created with ‘eyes’ to fool their attackers. I’ve forgotten the name of this butterfly, but when it’s in flight the wings are a brilliant blue, but fold up to show this brown pattern when they land! The photo doesn’t really show it’s size very well, it was the largest butterfly there :) Thanks Lorna for doing the puzzle🧩


Wow, this is almost an optical illusion! I mean I know it is a butterfly, but I hope I am not alone in thinking that looks like a head with a big mouth and a fancy head-dress to the right, with 3D jewels / stones stuck onto its wing and for its eyes!
Interesting. Thanks Tea. ☺

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