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We're 3 today!! 🥳😻😻

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Hard to believe, but Tavish and Oliver hit the big 3 today! 😂
Didn't have a good recent photo of them together, other than the nap time one posted recently, so this is a composite.
Tavi is showing off the tip of his tail and furry (Main Coon-ish?) paws well as his green eyes from a cat condo nest, while Ollie is hanging out in a fun spot, doing his one paw reach and also showing off his green eyes.
They've enjoyed their new catnip toys and otherwise are just hanging out, as per usual.
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Awww thank you lurdo❣️

Happy Mothers day


Thank you Nancy, it's always lovely to see you cuties♥♥♥

p.s. And let's hope for the next weekend as well:-)))


Tavi and Ollie thank you very much for your birthday greeting, nillie❣️❣️
So nice of you to stop by and say hello! Hope you’re having a good weekend!


I hope that a belated birthday greeting for Tavish and Oliver will still be accepted♥♥♥

p.s. Sorry Nancy, but better late than never...:-)))


Thank you for the birthday wishes and compliment, tisketsmum! Hehe, we enjoyed meeting Mila at the Texas Jigidi party and look forward to seeing her again at the next party. 😻😻


Happy Birthday boys, you're certainly both looking good. Not sure I should show this to Mila as she might have a job to choose 😻😻😻


Thank you Impie, cstorey, Patsy, Anne, Carol, Betty, Ella, Eileen and thurman for your birthday wishes, smooches, and very nice comments. You all made our birthday extra special. Sending you all purrs! Yes, we are real bonded littermates and we’ve had a lovely day. Mum got us new catnip kicker toys and funny little catnip characters— a mouse and a rabbit, but we like our big kicker toys the best.

I’m delighted you all enjoyed the photos of my rascals and thank you for stopping by to join their birthday celebration. 💖😽💖


First of all, Happy Birthday to Tavish and Oliver. I assume that they are "real" brothers. I hope they got lots of treats.
@Atsutsa It is the antiseptic used to protect against infection! Where it is a relatively easy surgery on the boys, it is much more intricate and requires stitches on the girls. They swab the area before and after the surgery. It lingers on their fur. So they smell "funny". It will get back to normal in a few days.


On another note, and maybe Ollie and Tavi have a clue, both our new girls were neutered this past week. Now, three days later they are getting back to their-selves energy wise, but Gatita, our older (by 2 years) cat seems to not know who they are. She hisses at them which they don't understand. I'm pretty sure it will all go back to normal but.... has anyone else observed such behavior?


🎵 Happy Birthday to Tavi & Ollie!🎵


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tavi & Ollie!!
It's so hard to believe you are already 3 years old! You're both looking so handsome in your cozy spots! You both are so sweet.

These are such cute pictures, Nancy!

Happy Birthday, Boys! You're looking good!


Such beautiful furry babies........want to kiss each of those little furry faces!


They certainly are majestic looking! Happy Birthday, Oliver and Tavish.


Happy birthday Tavish & Oliver! Enjoy your special day together with your special mom Nancy.

Two beauties


A very Happy Birthday Tavish and Oliver. Three years old already, how time flies. New catnip toys for your birthday.... You two are such lucky boys to have found your forever home with your mom Nancy.

You both are very handsome boys and it shows in your photos how happy and relax you are too.

Have a wonderful birthday with maybe a few treats as well!

Congratulations to your sweet boys birthdays, Nancy. What a lovely idea to compose these two adorable photos. I love it.

I'll bookmark your puzzle for when I'm on my desktop. Have a lovely day with your kiddos! 🥳😻😻

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7 May 2019 - 8 November 2016
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