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  1. Knelia2:15
  2. Kath642:24
  3. JillianB2:29
  4. patten2:30
  5. blurple532:31
  6. diannez2:37
  7. macskabolond1112:42
  8. Ianto2:55
  9. irisriver3:04
  10. scottiemom3:18


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Thanks Christine and Hilary for your comments. I often act like a kid when I’m with family and a fool when with friends. But my body does remind me that I’m not a kid anymore. 🤪


Happy Birthday Birgit ! I got my first Canada Pension cheque at 65 but I don't feel it.I wake up and usually feel anwhere from 35 to 47 although my best friend says that at times I act like a 12-year old boy.Anyway age is a state of mind so have a happy mind !, Hilary


Happy Birthday Birgit!! I want to see you kick up your legs like these girls too! ;-)


Thank you, Jill. I’m hoping for a better year with positive blessings. 😊


Birgit wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may the year that follows have an abundance of good things. Blessings

Donna we admire that in the midst of things you posted it at all, well done x


Thanks, June. I appreciate your support. 😁

Happy, Happy Birthday Birgit - hope you have a really lovely day with lots of surprises. Thank you for all the lovely painting you post.....June

Thank you so much for this giggle - it made me think of my mother who at 94 was full of life and fun.


My mind refuses to acknowledge age but then my body works the hands and slaps it to wake it up … 🤪😅


Thank you. Iris,… good to hear from you. 😊


Thanks Ken, Donna and to you, too, sis as I know you have a lot on your plate. 🥰


Thanks, Liz. Sunny skies with 6 C so not bad. 😁

Happy Birthday Birgit!!!!!


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and a smooth road throughout all of the coming year, fewer storms, fewer repairs, and tons more of gentle sunshine.


What a wonderful jester to another wonderful person. Happy Birthday sis!


Sending a huge happy birthday smile! ☺♥☺


I actually didn't want to post this last night. I'm not quite with it still. This IS for Birgit's Birthday! LOL

@Birgit73 @bdmc @Donnajames @irisriver @IssyCoston @Magaella @dhi @Droelfzehn @lovesgulls @kmccarrel @Mischka @bjondron @sillychick @Kyrin @JillianB @jandchris @laskadog1 @helenpuz @nanapuzzler @blurple53

A year away from pension. My time goes by when you're having fun. Thanks for the tag


Actually I'll be 70 in May but farm work and caring for John since 1975 I feel way older.


I love that - as you remember - hahahahaa!


79 here ( in Feb.) Feeling younger somehow doesn't seem to work for me any more. No complaining, though, there are so many friends who are much worse, so I am just thankful.


Excellent I must work on forgetting how old I am! Trouble is head tells me I’m one thing but my body tells me I’m much older lol Gorgeous thanks Dj

My mind says I'm still in my 20s, my body tells me different!!! I just cannot believe I'm 80 this year!


I remember that I’m 72 today … yuck!! Okay, let’s see … backtrack to a more freely mobile time … wheeeee!!


"Will you still feed me, will you still need me, when I'm 64!"


I remember 64, Hey that is how old I am Now...Woohoo I remembered, how about that, Yipee!!!!!!!


Age 22 is a good one to remember,,No sags/no bags! LOL


@Birgit73 @bdmc @Donnajames @irisriver @IssyCoston @Magaella@dhi @Droelfzehn @lovesgulls @kmccarrel @Mischka @bjondron @sillychick @Kyrin @JillianB @jandchris @laskadog1 @helenpuz @nanapuzzler @blurple53 @minipooh4u

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