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..that I bought from the 'sick plants' section at Bunning's nursery last week for a song !! I bought 5 and they are doing well after our recent rain - all planted in shady spots in the back garden!

Brisbane, Australia.
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They look good! Love the colors!


Thanks so much Jana - and stay warm:)))


Love the different colors of your Begonias ♥♥♥ Thanks a lot Rob. Have a nice new week, hugs ♥


Thanks Cathy - and they survived the hail storm yesterday:)))


Beautiful begonias!!!! I'm glad they are recovering nicely in your garden. : )


Thanks Janet - some days you strike it lucky - and I think these suffered in the heatwave we had a few weeks ago - but seem to have recovered well!!

Thanks Ginger, Jacki, Marian, Beekay, Patti ( my pleasure!!!), Suzy, snooker, Gracie and Floyd:)) Sometimes you strike it lucky - and our rain gave them a good drink at the right time:)))


They are paying you back with very nice flowers.


Yes! you are a great nurse Rob, you really did a great job, they look so healthy now.

Good job, nurse Rob. :)


Way to save the plants, Rob!!!


Beautiful, Robyn! They remind me of my mom and dad who planted them every summer. Thank you!


Good Job, they soon will be thriving, lush and beautiful :-))


Very lovely Rob...


Congratulations on your new plants. I rather like the orangey ones.
(Cinderfire, love your new avatar.)


You got a bargain with these beauties. Love the different colors of the flowers. TVM ♥


Fabulous thanks Rob, they are all so pretty and well done nursing them back to health. I used to buy "sick plants" from the nursery section of the Maryborough Big W, quite often when we were there, but now the sick plants are all dead! I don't think they have anyone who knows much about plants and they keep them until it's too late. Thanks and hugs.


Thanks Denise - my favourites are the red and the pale pink/white:))) Thanks - and I hope you do too:)))


Lovely collage of begonias Rob. Love the top left one colourwise.
Have a lovely day☺☺


It sure was Lunie - and they were all flowering so I could tell what I was getting:))) Thanks :))

I remember you saying that Nev - I bough 3 Yuccas a few weeks ago from the 'sick plants' rack too, and they were from another Bunning's!!! I put them in a drier part of the garden and they're doing well too!! It's a good way to try plants without spending a lot!! Thanks :)))

Thanks Barb - they're only fairly small plants, but I don't mind nursing them along for a while:)))


Kudos for saving their lives Rob because they would be going into a garbage can if not for you! And now they are repaying you with beautiful flowers :) Thanks for the collage :)


As though you hit the lottery jackpot rob, they are lovely!

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