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  1. junglejim31:17
  2. margitsz31:36
  3. melissamcd33:15
  4. Lopessm37:17
  5. alazuza37:40
  6. Isabeau38:17
  7. auntiedallen1240:50
  8. leriger248:58
  9. pbabb1:08:42
  10. christinehester1:14:47


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I work at home and have been busy, so I really have only been grabbing the mail lately...hate heat...truly love my A/C,,,it's been a strange year...I'm going to look for the trees...thank you, Margit...I do love lemons...Sherry :)))


Sherry: you must be enjoying your beautiful summer! This is our monsoon season ... lots of heat (111 today!) sometimes wind and if we're lucky, a bit of rain. I just posted a few lemon tree pictures :)

you're right, Margit, I'm up in the Canadian midwest, so our growing season is shorter, but I am lucky to have a neighbour who shares his vegetables, and we do get good fruit from the stores...the pictures you posted are are very lucky...Sherry :)))


sbwilner: you must live in a cold climate? I'm in Arizona and lemon trees are everywhere here. I used to have a magnificent one in my backyard. It produced hundreds of HUGE JUICY lemons. Sadly, I had to have it removed because the trunk split from the weight of all the lemons! I will post some photos of it ...

okay, now, so you got me, I'm jealous...but I'm really good at imagining...they are all lovely...and you are very lucky... Sherry :)))

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