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Here Comes October (Oct19P04)

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"October! October!
There's magic in the name -
A clear sky, a blue sky,
And sunsets all aflame.

October! October!
It's harvest time again;
The high corn, the low corn,
Is gathered in the bin.

October! October!
The birds sing with swelled throats;
A long song, a last song,
Of tender parting notes.

October! October!
The hills are all aglow
With red leaves, with gold leaves,
That dance when soft winds blow.

October! October!
I love you more each year;
Your warm days, your soft days,
To me they are most dear."

- D Maitland Bushby

Happy Birthday to all who are born in the month of October.
May all of you be blessed abundantly throughout the year.

This puzzle is posted in 4 sizes - 9, 100, 225 and 400 pieces.

I hope that you all will have an enjoyable time piecing this puzzle together.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

Puzzle 732
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Good to see you, Dawn ;-)

Jigidi has many kind and wonderful souls :-)


Bev, thank you so much for responding and sharing your personal experiences. Very helpful information. I will show your reply to
John and I am certain that he will appreciate it.

You are a gem :-)


Bev I'm so glad you were able to help Jason and John :-))

Here goes as I recall from my experience
It took about 2hrs for may also depend on how many stents have to be inserted.
I had four at one time.
It takes a week, the doctors do not want you to lift anything more than Hmm one or two lbs.
No exertion. The site must heal. So if you exert the doctors do not want that incision to reopen.
Artery must heal closed tight.
My incision was on my right groin.
After the surgery is finished a weight is applied to the site. My nurse applied a weight of some sort and she leaned on it. I think she put pressure for at least a half hour as I recall.
Your doctor will tell you the do and don't of what to do during recovery. I stayed one night and then came home.
My brother rides a stationery bike every day.....that is one thing he cannot do after surgery for at least a week or so.
Your recovery is good. I was on my feet when I came home, but common sense tells you to take it easy.
If you have a good cardiologist all will be fine.
If I can be of assistance in any question and I can answer it ….feel free to ask.
My daughter worked with a woman who wound up have 15 stents and she is fine today and this was done about four or five years ago.
Bev. 10-24-19...9pm. It is Oct 25 for you and morning. Hugs Jason.




Bev, since you have personal experience with stents, if you are willing to share, could you please let me know more about it?

Eg, how long does the procedure takes, how is the pain level, especially after surgery, one stent at a time or can 2 or 3 be done at the same time? How long does it take to get back to normal activities? What should one be aware of?

I know that I can google for all these information and more, however, there is nothing like knowing something from someone who has gone through it.

It is good to know that you are still moving nicely - steadily and on your own :-)

I will pray for your brother when he is having his stent done next Wednesday.

Best regards,

Jason, I am so sorry I missed this ….asleep at the wheel. My brother will be 92 in March 20209Good Lord Willing) Next Wed. he is having one stent inserted. Lucky for him just one. I have four should have had five, but one artery very narrow so my doc. says no, we will watch.
That was in 2015, Thank God I am still moving, slowly that is. Hips and legs aren't what they used to be. Still plugging along and thanking Him I am still on the green side. Take care Hugs Jason.
Oct. 24, 2019--8pm

Angioplasty and stent placement - heart

Angioplasty is a procedure to open narrowed or blocked blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. These blood vessels are called the coronary arteries.
A coronary artery stent is a small, metal mesh tube that expands inside a coronary artery. A stent is often placed during or immediately after angioplasty. It helps prevent the artery from closing up again. A drug-eluting stent has medicine embedded in it that helps prevent the artery from closing in the long term.
Watch this video about:
Balloon angioplasty - short segment
Before the angioplasty procedure begins, you will receive some pain medicine. You may also be given medicine that relaxes you, and blood-thinning medicines to prevent a blood clot from forming.
You will lie on a padded table. Your doctor will insert a flexible tube (catheter) into an artery. Sometimes the catheter will be placed in your arm or wrist, or in your upper leg (groin) area. You will be awake during the procedure.
The doctor will use live x-ray pictures to carefully guide the catheter up into your heart and arteries. Liquid contrast (sometimes called "dye," will be injected into your body to highlight blood flow through the arteries. This helps the doctor see any blockages in the blood vessels that lead to your heart.
A guide wire is moved into and across the blockage. A balloon catheter is pushed over the guide wire and into the blockage. The balloon on the end is blown up (inflated). This opens the blocked vessel and restores proper blood flow to the heart.
A wire mesh tube (stent) may then be placed in this blocked area. The stent is inserted along with the balloon catheter. It expands when the balloon is inflated. The stent is left there to help keep the artery open.

The stent may be coated with a drug (called a drug-eluting stent). This type of stent may lower the chance of the artery closing back up in the future. Currently, drug-eluting stents are used in certain situations.
Click to Keep Reading

Read more

Coronary Artery Disease
Read more

NIH MedlinePlus Magazine
Read more
How helpful is this web page to you?


Thank you, Beekay for dropping by and for your blessings :-)

Thank you, too, for liking this puzzle and the poem :-)

I do hope that John knows what to do. Meanwhile he has hurt his arms. I massage both his arms, neck and upper back daily.


Thank you for this cheerful birthday puzzle Jason. The poem is a perfect addition to the puzzle too.

I hope John finds the courage and support to make decisions which will improve his health and therefore his quality of life. Blessings to you both.




and sending you some extra hugs too along with many blessings dear friends - hang in there - remember when the going gets tough, the tough get going xxxx strength and faith ♥♥♥


Thank you, Sparky for your continued prayers which are much needed,
especially at this time.


Ditto from me too - with love and hugs and keeping you guys close in prayer ♥♥


Thank you, Dawn for the advice and reassurance :-))

I will show your message to John when I meet up with him today and I am certain that he will be grateful for your advice :-)

With love and appreciation,


Jason, please tell John that he should not delay in having the procedure. If you remember, I'm a retired Critical Care RN. He could have a heart attack any time versus a happy, pain free heart. He'll be able to climb stairs without getting short of breath so quickly. He'll be less tired at the end of the day and be more able to go for long walks at festivals and other outdoor events. Be firm and tell him you'd like to see him happy again.


Thank you, Sparky for your continued prayers for John and me :-))

With appreciation,
Jason and John.


Thx dearest jason and john, keeping you both close in my prayers, god bless and may you both just be well xx big hugs


Thank you, Bob for bookmarking this puzzle :-)

Yes, we do, indeed.

Jason: I have the big version bookmarked. I see we are frequently following the same puzzle makers.


My pressure, Lunie :-)


Thank you Jason!


Thank you Sparky for your prayers for John and me.

At times like these, prayers are absolutely appreciated and John and I are grateful and thankful for them.

Wishing you good health and lots of happinness,
Jason and John.


Dearest Jason and John - I will be keeping you both in my prayers and may our good lord guide you gently through it and bring john to successful health ♥♥♥ sorry you going through such a tough time ♥♥♥ and dear wendy god bless you too and may you have successful surgery for your cataracts and carpal tunnel syndrome xxx strength love and hugs to all of you here ♥♥♥


Thanks, Clive :-)


Jason a short history for the need of stents.


I will keep you updated, Bev.

I hope you do not mind, since you had a personal experience, can you tell me more about stents?

How long does the operation take?
Is it a simple operation?
What is the success rate?
How long does it take to recover fully?
When can a patient start exercising or driving?
What are the precautions to take?
Any other information will be most gratefully received. Pain, mobility, physiotherapy, etc.

John was told that he will need to stay in hospital for 3 days - one day before the operation, one day for the operation and one day after the operation.

Hi Jason,
I just read Wendy's note. I had no idea that John was contemplating heart surgery. Are you talking open heart or perhaps An angiogram first? My lady friend had immediate open heart two years ago this month. She is fine today, has an exercise class in her home and does line dancing. I, myself, had
an angioplasty in 2015, I needed five stents, actually put in four as one artery was way to narrow and my Dr. did not want to risk it, otherwise I would have needed open heart. Sometimes, I think I still may be a candidate, but I don't want to worry about it. For my age I have lived a good life.
I don't want to be nosey, but if it does come to pass, let me (us) know about John. Hugs Jason.


I will do that, Wendy.

Thank you for your prayer for John and for me.


@jasonchung2 Oh my goodness. I didn't know you could "think" about having heart surgery. You tell John to just get it done, he'll probably feel so much better, and with all of us praying for him, he will be fine..........Wendy


You are welcome, Taisia.

Thank you for the compliment. I am glad that this puzzle pleases you :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Nice colored strips! Thanks for the puzzle, Jason! ☼♥☼


Thanks you very much.


Thank you, Irena for the compliment :-)

May you have a lovely day.

Cheerio, Jason.


Very nice Jason. Have a nice day. Greetings to you.


You are welcome, Clive :-)


Thank you so much Jason.


No worries, Clive.

We are all friends here and friends who care and are concerned about each other :-)))


Hi Jason sorry to use your good services again hope you do not mind just to say how nice to see you again Wendy sorry to here you are suffering I woundered where you had got to.
Young love gets over problems in time she will find another love hopefully and spend her life with someone that will adore her to eternity.


Thank you Wendy for the update :-)

It is good to hear that you are generally feeling fine and that health issues are being taken care of :-)

Yes, I do remember your granddaughter and her boyfriend. It is always sad when friends have to part their ways. The counselling will help her through this rather unpleasant time, and she will be a happy person again. Time will heal.

You have a good memory, Wendy. My best friend's name is John. He is thinking of going for heart surgery. I am all nerves ...


@jasonchung2 I am so happy to hear you are doing well. And also your dear friend, I think his name is John??? Not a good memory for names. Do you recall my telling you my granddaughter and her sweetie Avi so enjoyed being in your country? Well, bad news, they broke up. Brooke is devastated but seems to be okay now. She did the wise thing and is in counselling to help her through it. It's been a while now and she is pretty well back to her old self. My knees feel really good now. I had an issue with some rather intense pain in my left arm which turned out to be some nasty arthritis setting in and also a neck problem. My doctor put me on Prednisone, which I fought taking, but it turns out I have had some amazing relief of all the pains! I am now weaning off it as he doesn't want me on it too long. I get my first carpal tunnel surgery on Jan. 22 on the left wrist so that will alleviate some of the pain, my right one will be done a couple of months later and I will hopefully be getting this cataract done some time next year, too. So basically, I am doing pretty good for an old lady!! LOL! Will chat again soon. Please take care of yourselves and hugs to you both...............Wendy


Thank you Watchman for appreciating the poem.

I hope that you will have a wonderful October :-)

Best regards, Jason.


You are welcome, Sparky.

Thank you for your solve and for your good wishes :-)

Best regards, Jason.


You are welcome, Francine.

I am happy to know that you like this puzzle and the poem and that the puzzle has been a fun solve for you :-)

Yes, Spring and Autumn are beautiful seasons :-)

Best regards, Jason.


I liked the poem and looking forward to October. ;-)


Thanks for your lovely message dear jason and john - god bless and keep you well and happy ♥


Hi Jason. Thanks for your fun puzzle and poem. As you, spring and autumn are my favourites.


Yes, Wendy it has been a long time since we last chat.

How are you, my friend? I hope that all is well with you and that your knees are behaving themselves.

Thank you for the compliment on this puzzle :-)

Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons.

I am doing relatively well. Will be busy till towards the end of this year.

Take good care of yourself, Wendy.

Best regards, Jason.


This is so bright and beautiful Jason. I really love it. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I hope you are doing well. It's been a long time since we "chatted"..............Wendy


Adam, thank you so much for expressing your lovely feelings for this puzzle :-)))

You have made my day beautiful :-)

I like it when my puzzles please solvers and bring them good feelings
- for that is what I hope my puzzles will do for them.

With gratitude and appreciation,


Sparky, thank you for appreciating this puzzle and its poem :-))

Thank you, too, for your good wishes for John and me :-))

Health and Happiness are so precious, I wish you and all your loved ones a happy October and may all of you be blessed with good health.

Love and hugs from Jason and John.

Extra bear hugs from John to you :-)))


Hello John,

Thank you for your good wishes :-)

May everything goes well with you :-)

Best regards, Jason.


You are welcome, Clive :-)

I am glad that my October puzzle has a chance to meet you :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Dear Parson,

I am happy that you love this puzzle that I have drawn.

Yes, October is now here with us. And it will make its appearance again next year.

Best regards, Jason.


Hello Chelsey,

You have made my day with your lovely thoughts on this puzzle :-) Thank you :-)

I am pleased that you like the poem :-)

Red and orange leaves against a clear blue sky is a beautiful sight to behold. My Autumn memories from overseas vacation will always remain with me.

Thank you for your wish of a Happy October :-) I wish you a Blessed October :-)

Sending you greetings,


Thank you Willy for dropping by.

The clear blue sky may be gone for a time being in your country. No worries, it will return. Spring will be a lovely season for blue skies, too.

Still a few or some birds left before they migrate to warmer lands. Warmth is good for them, so they are heading there to avoid the cold and for a better chance of finding food. They will return.


Beautiful Fun Heartwarming And Colorful *!*


Dear Jason and John - thx for a lovely October puzzle and Poem - may you both have a great month in good health and much happiness ☺☺☺ love and hugs - brightspark and sparklightie xxxxx


Thanks Jason. The best to you, of course. John


Thanks for the October puzzle Jason.


I have known all year that it would come eventually. Now, here it IS! Thanks for the drawing, Jason. Love it.


First of October and still a blue sky here, like in your poem. I like this October puzzle, it is so simple and yet so pretty. And you changed your hearts pattern also. Thank you, Jason and I wish you HAPPY OCTOBER form the beginning till the end.


Have a happy October. No clear, blue sky here. Grey and wet.
Most birds are gone already


Hello Robin,

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes for all who celebrates their birthdays in October and for your good wishes for John and me :-)

I hope that October will be a great month for all of us :-)))

Your appreciation of this puzzle is happily received :-))

With happy thoughts for you,
Jason and John.


Thank you for the pretty puzzle to celebrate our October friends' birthday. I don't know anyone who was born in October, but I'd like to wish all our Libra and Scorpio jigidi friends a very happy birthday. Best wishes for a great month for you and John. Take care. :))


Hello Lunie,

Thank you for your good wishes.

I would like to wish you a lovely October, one that is most enjoyable for you :-)

Best regards,


Hello Jason! Wishing you a good October!


Hugs to you dear Bev :-))

Thank you so much for always keeping a look out for my puzzles and for solving them :-)

With appreciation,


You are most welcome, Dawn.

Thank you for the compliment and for solving this puzzle :-)

Best regards, Jason.


Thank you Pam for your appreciation of this puzzle, for solving it and, of course, for your hugs and blessings, too :-)))

Best regards, Jason.

I'm with Dawn and Go Go
Bear Hugs from me to you!! --------------------10-01-19 --------------9:37a.m.


Jason, I think you ae the sweetest person I know. Thanks for the warm thoughts.


Thank you for this beautiful puzzle, Jason, and hugs and blessings to you... ♥☺♥

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