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A flower and a bug

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Best that I describe it that way then I won't be wrong in identifying either!!
Photo taken at Government House in Victoria, B.C.
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You're welcome, Joann. It's definitely a bee, just not a honey bee. :)


Thanks for the info, Laura.


The bug looks like a leafcutter bee, family Megachilidae. Maybe this one . They're called solitary bees because they don't live communally like honeybees, but they often nest close to each other. They cut disks from leaves and line their nests with them. If you see roses with disks clipped from the leaves, it's these gals.

Smiles for your photo and your words! Still waiting for somebody to ID the flower and the visitor, though that's not necessary for our enjoyment.


Thanks for sharing your beautiful way with words, editrix.


Beauteous bug and blossom, and bonus sparkling crystal drops! Thanks for sharing your eye for loveliness!

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