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Ice creams & Kaleidos

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  1. webpeggy14:39
  2. Karensoles9917:13
  3. Sunnyanne17:29
  4. Pennyzz218:08
  5. Pdonny219:33
  6. jbugs20:23
  7. jonbee20:45
  8. mbevan23:43
  9. veseladeprese26:50
  10. Shelkod26:53


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Thanks Peggy, that ones yours. Mine's the one with the ❤️ on it. I made a puzzle recently with high heels as the contrast picture. It reminded me of Grandmapegs who posted a puzzle of high heeled boots and she's - her own artwork. I posted it on her Facebook page to tell her the puzzle reminded me of her, I told her we all think of her regularly and are hoping she's doing well. I didn't hear back for a wee while (that had me concerned) but yesterday I did. She has been unwell with pneumonia but new medication is "kicking it in the butt" so that's a positive. She said to pass on her kind regards to Dotty, Michelle and you, so that's the update. She's just not up to doing Jigidi, her life is busy I guess with her granddaughter and her baby living with them. But lovely to hear from her all the same. ☺️


Well Trish, this time I am prepared to share the goodies. One for you, me, Dotty,and Grandmapegs. I’ll be rude and pick the top one; I’ve never had anything like that!


Thanks @jonbee I've just spent time today creating sets of puzzles for the next 5 days (psst ... it's Seasons) Sorry to hear about your pain that keeps you awake at night, that can't be pleasant and if my puzzles distract from it in some way I am pleased I can help. I appreciate your lovely comment about my puzzles ☺️


Very nice! Pain keeps me up a lot at night, so I come to Jigidi and it helps take it off my mind. I'm happy to find artwork that is new to me, and yours is fantastic! I have followed you now so I don't miss any..


Thanks @jonbee - I make the kaleidos myself, the ice creams are from a digital colouring in app I use. Pleased you enjoyed this one. I post new puzzles most days. ☺️


That was fun! Great colors, unusual, nice design - thank you!

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