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You are so kind Hummingbird. I'll keep a lookout for you. Anne


Anther, I tried last night to create one with the colors you mentioned below but thus far have had no success. I will keep trying though!


Anther, the autumn/earth tones would be beautiful in this pattern. If I can remember how I did the design, I will give the autumn colors a try for you. Will be interesting to see if I can remember LOL


Thanks so much Hummingbird. Your zigzags remind me of tapestry cushions I worked as a teenager. The colours on mine were autumn shades of brown, gold, orange, green and cream. My mum made them up for her lounge which was gold.


Mandy, LOL, no way I am telling my time LOL Compared to you guys, my time stinks LOL LOL LOL

Feistyfreddy, sorry about the crossed eyes LOL but I am glad that you enjoyed yourself :-)


Crosseyed but happy! Thanks, Kathy!


I'm not always the fastest solver though, and I've been well trumped here... well done caanan :~) LOL


Wendy, I was fooling around again with new techniques LOL

Mandy, but you are still one fast solver LOL

Javasage, if I can figure out how I did this LOL I will try it again :-) So glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for the delightful comment!!!


Zippedy-Doo-Dah! This was fun! Thanks ;-)


Kathy, these are lovely, and your gradients make it much trickier than it looks!!


These are wonderful zigzags, Kathy! Jeepers, Mandy made some that I like better than mine, and now you did too. LOL I'm glad that I can no longer create puzzles....and just visit you guys. :-)

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