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Potpourri353 - SCRATCHES AND STRIPES - Medium - rj

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  1. Pooka10:52
  2. BubbaLoo6011:29
  3. beary12:14
  4. Arria12:32
  5. helenejdc13:00
  6. Egg13:20
  7. zoey2814:25
  8. DMarieB14:48
  9. BonnieBinzegger15:01
  10. Apark15:22


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Thank you, too, greatgranny. I'm very happy you enjoyed it. (✿◠‿◠)

Thank you Robyn it is another great one.


Hi Carol. Actually I originally called them scribbles; some do look like scribbling but then there were others that looked like scratches so in the end I thought scratches could apply to both of them and went with that. I'm so glad you liked the Tangles ;-) though. I wasn't sure if many people would like solving them. They're different. Of course "I" like them, big surprise there, and I liked the idea of solving a bunch of different ones myself, so it's nice to meet someone else who also enjoyed them. You're so very welcome for the puzzle, my dear. My pleasure.

I didn't pay attention to the name of your puzzle. So while I was putting it together, I was calling the "scratches", "tangles". I LOVED the Scratches/Tangles. I would love to see a whole puzzle full of just Scratches! My favorites were all the purple Scratches. Thanks so much for this great puzzle!

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