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Custom Chevy Pickup - 55 or 56?

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  1. karlee15:29
  2. goodallman18:46
  3. mickb19:39
  4. alesker19:45
  5. Montclair25:50
  6. 67camaro25:51
  7. ppod133125:59
  8. peepsdw28:51
  9. biff29:21
  10. HalKie31:28


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The emblems on the fenders and front of the hood are the distinguishing details between a 1955 and a 1956 Chevy pickup. Of course the emblems have been shaved on this truck. So, no way to tell which year it is.


57 had a different grill and 58 had dual head lights.


...or 57' or 58? Kind of tricky with that custom hood.

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