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Unloading wheat in central PA

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At my bro's farm. Have fun, Dave
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  1. inny0:44
  2. pasta0:47
  3. emilym0:47
  4. mble1119110:53
  5. jennylmoon0:59
  6. jals1:04
  7. Iggys1:09
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  9. ruddlesgolden1:13
  10. MacTea1:17


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Ladders are dangerous so I understand where that comes from. Every chance I get anymore I will rent a manlift to avoid the dangers and extreme inefficiency of ladders. Glad you are alright, Mac that sounded nasty --- thanks Mac n jals.


I don't know how big this operation is, that live down the road about 1/2 mile from us. They own land on both sides of the road for quite a ways. All I know is the equipment they drive is huge and new. Takes up the whole road. ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿšœ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿปโ€๐ŸŒพ

Mac, It sounds like you have a fear of heights. My husband is the same way. I'm okay with heights, but I have to be careful because my balance isn't good. That sounds like a bad fall. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


Well it that would be better I guess... My head swims and legs get shaky up high...

I fell off a very tall ladder at work once my head swam and foot was not where I thought it was when I went to step was a lonnnnnnnnnng step.
Took a long time to get over that one ...
But it was longer to get me up a ladder again.
So I worry when people are up high


We're small time compared to the huge acreage as you head west, jals. 670 acres of wheat around here is fairly big. We're not in Kansas, Dorothy jals! He he. --It was only like 35', Mac. It was also taken from inside a wrap around stairwell with a safety railing. Thanks , everybody.


Mac, I get a front row seat for the bins across the road, but they do it a little different. I don't ever seen them dumping the load like this. I think theirs is set up to suction the corn right out of the truck. And then when it's time to sell, they pour it right back into the truck.


I have never seen this is very interesting...But I would not want to be that high....I will watch from below ;0)


Farming's a way of life for sure. Thanks, Georgia, Merrie, pasta n Jane. D


Hi Dave- - -from Kansas.....the farmer is the back bone of the is the gift of life....and that is what the farmers


Wow, gorgeous country there, Dave. :)

What a lovely bird's eye view you get up there. Thanks for sharing this uncommon viewpoint. All the silos I went up into, had interior ladders (the old cement kind of silo). I'll bet your brother is glad to get the wheat in before any of the rain from the incoming hurricane/tropical storm gets there.


Hi Dave, I grew up in West (By God) Virginia and western Maryland,
Lucky you to have a brother especially with a farm. Growing up years ago I would have gladly made you a 2 for 1 swap but at my age, I'll keep them. Have a good productive sunnier and don't work too hard.
W,Va hillybilly


Mixture of farming and painting college apts for me this summer. I'm used to the heat but thanks, jals. Have a good week, D


That's always fun to watch. I have a front row seat here. I'll be he's appreciated your help, Dave. Hope it's cooled off some for you!

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