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Bluejay, Berries & Snow

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Dec 9, 2019
Wawa, ON
The trees are filled with berries and pinecones this year. It's going to be a very long cold winter. Brrrr.
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  1. Marushika3:54
  2. nlmotel3:58
  3. bgbull4:38
  4. looncrazy4:47
  5. kenner625:10
  6. harlaf5:19
  7. US_femail5:19
  8. egerton5:29
  9. 4wings55:30
  10. margsue5:30


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Oh yes US, that's an interesting theory too! In Wawa, we do not have acorns - Too far north for Maple and Oak trees. We've kept our squirrel population very strong on our property. We feed them peanuts by the bag full. (Crazy Squirrel people!) Just last week, John watched in horror when a fox chased one of his little squirrels up a telephone pole. But that little guy got away. Whew!! It will be an interesting winter for sure. We've had terrible cold winters -40 for weeks... frozen pipes, 10 feet of snow... It would be great if the Polar Vortex stayed in the Arctic this year. :-)


Hi Mo. They say that when there is an abundance of acorns that it means a long cold winter because all those acorns are there to provide for the squirrels. There have been soooo many acorns this year so I am a little worried about that too.

Now here is the theory from one of my customers. There are a lot of acorns because the squirrel population in the area has declined due to the foxes and hawks in the area. I have actually photographed a fox chowing down on a squirrel and a hawk swooped down and grabbed a squirrel right in front of me as I delivered the mail. This theory makes a lot of sense so I can only hope the winter will not be so bad.

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