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Walking Around The Lake - Stone Mansion

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Among these are Stone Manor (officially Younglands), the 18,000 square foot magnificent Italianate palace with a 250' veranda and an expansive lawn visible from downtown Lake Geneva. The estate was built in 1900-1901 by Otto Young, a man who made his fortune buying real estate along State Street in Chicago following the great fire of 1871. It was constructed for over $1,000,000 and features such as gold-plated fixtures, a basement bowling alley, and a third floor miniature golf course astounded even the wealthiest resident. The property was a single family home until 1939 when it was presented to the order of St. Anne to be used as an Episcopalian private school for girls. The school was discontinued after only a few years. Later the mansion housed an elegant French restaurant Around the 1980's the mansion and remaining property were purchased for back taxes, reportedly for $74,000. It has recently been restored and converted to 6 condominiums ranging in price up to $1.6 million.

In the 1970s, the city of Lake Geneva sued the owner of the Stone Manor Restaurant (once the magnificent home of Otto Young) for blocking the walkway with a steel fence. The city won. And hikers regained their legal passage.
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It maybe the most grand but it sounds a bit tacky. It looks grim and foreboding - not my mansion of choice.
three cheers for the City of Lake Geneva!


Pretty nice Laura.
A long way out of my range Floyd!!!!
Yes BK, they must be pretty spacious.


It's still big even for 6 condos!!


A little out of my range.


Not too shabby!


1st or 2nd week should be prime.


Sounds good....first part of Oct maybe.


Let's do it!!


Fall would probably be pretty!


That would be fun. :)


Well, they do charge to park. I think it is a dollar an hour.


Walking is free Morris. We should meet up there some time and walk it. Not all the way around as it is over 20 miles around it. I don't think my feet could handle that.


My favorite place on the lake. How much do they charge me walk by it??


Barb, I guess I like things with lines in it, such as roof tops, fences, etc.
Can you imagine that Snooker, this is so huge to have been built as a single family home, but it was. I wouldn't want to leave something at one end of the house and have to go back and get it later!!!

A single family home? Did the couple take a train from one end to the other or not see each other very much?


Lyndee, before I joined Jigidi, I also liked to solve buildings and landscapes the most, but now I have different priorities....LOL


Thanks Mack. I'm glad you enjoying solving them. Most people seem to go for the flowers, but I enjoy solving the buildings the most.


I like your pictures....all of them make me want to stop and put them together.......thanks for the great work...mac

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